Will it or won’t it? Five winter fashion trends that work; snow or no snow

Everything’s super long and luxurious in Winter 2019: scarves that nearly reach your feet, full length winter coats and an ever-practical (did we really just say that about the fashion industry??) 3 to 5 layer look. So, can you make it work whether you’re on the slopes, sledging at home or staring at the sky wondering when the first flakes are going to fall? We say yes – so read on!

1. A long story

Scarves and coats are long, long, long this season. This is great news for the biting wind and potential snowy days ahead as there’s little or no flesh on show here. Being able to wrap up against the elements proves there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

So, go with the flow and simply customise to cope with the weather: long trailing knitwear or wrapped up and cosy; both work equally well.

man and woman in a wood cabin

2. All puffed up

Puffa jackets are still very much with us in 2019 but they’re bigger and more bodacious than ever. Oversized puffas are hugely popular, which is great news if you fancy a duvet day but really have to go out. Wearing one of these is just like taking your bed with you!

There’s a futuristic look emerging too with large collars making a statement of their own and some gorgeous metallic colours to brighten up your winter’s day.

3. Technically, you can wear it anywhere

There’s no doubt about it, clothing is getting clever. With the amount of research and technology that goes into fabrics and design development these days, it’s no surprise that there are styles to suit all conditions. And, because the designers want clothing that’s easy to wear, there’s less and less difference between ‘technical clothing’ and high street styles.

This is all great news for the consumer as it means we don’t need to be heading for the mountains to buy ourselves a high spec ski jacket. In fact, a winter coat purchase is a smart investment especially now that we seem to be seeing more and more extreme weather conditions.

4. Play with layers

The layer look is officially ‘in’ with designers recommending somewhere between 3 and 5 layers. That’s a lot of clothing but, of course, you can mix and match fabrics to create just the right result for the weather. Whowhatwear has some great tips for keeping it trendy with some must-haves, such as a flexible black roll-neck for all occasions and the idea of using jewellery to further enhance your layered look.

Most importantly, stick to one colour palette from head to toe so that your layers hang together. Otherwise you might look like you’ve taken on a ‘wear-all-your-clothes-on-one-day challenge’.

fashionable woman against a blue background

5. Following nature’s example

The rise and rise of faux fur and animal print is a fantastic bonus during the colder seasons. Available in anything from t-shirts to floor-length coats, the patterns are amazing but the faux fur fabric itself is a winner on a cold day. This Vogue article features a wide range of different fabrics on offer this season – leather being another good winter warmer. Be warned though – some outfits are definitely more suited to a windy winter walk than others!

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3 Ways To Beat The January Blues

So, the festivities are over, the lights have been packed away for another year. January can seem quite a dull month in comparison but it’s also a great time for starting a brand new adventure:  taking stock, making new plans and giving yourself some much-needed ‘me time’.

We’ve got some top tips on how to beat the January blues – it’s a whole body and mind project and we can point you in the direction of success.


1. Sleep

Some say it’s overrated, we say it’s an essential element of feeling good and staying healthy. After burning the candle at both ends during December, January is generally quiet so it’s a great time for getting in some extra zzzz’s. But that doesn’t mean we have to be boring, oh no. Take a special trip to your local shopping centre to pick up some lovely new pyjamas (hopefully you’ll get a bargain in the sale) and maybe a new book that you can get stuck into during the dark evenings.

Loungewear is a relatively new clothing category that’s set to take off in AW18-19. Clothing that’s super comfortable but flexible enough to answer the door to the Tesco delivery man is essential for our near-24 hour lifestyle. Consisting of everything from underwear to joggers, loungewear allows real flexibility whether you’re spending the day working from home or just getting an early night.


2. Healthy diet

January is definitely the month-of-detox. How many of you are, or know someone that is, on some sort of healthy eating plan? Whether it’s a week, a month or some new habits for life, health and wellbeing is certainly on the agenda for 2019.

The NHS suggests focusing on a balanced diet – that’s a wide variety of foods in the right proportions. These days, we’re all more aware of the impact food can have on our health and lifestyle and, thankfully, it’s a lot easier to head out and about if you are following a restricted diet this month. Coffee shops always offer a range of different milks, such as almond or coconut. Many cafes and restaurants are happy to cater for gluten free customers and veganism has experienced a boom over the past year or so with the Vegan Society reporting that demand for meat-free food increased by an incredible 987% during 2017.


3. Fitness

You can’t beat fresh air and exercise for lifting the spirits and these cold, crisp winter days are perfect for blowing away the cobwebs. However, with a big freeze predicted for the UK in late January, don’t forget that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Head out and get kitted up at your local sports or outdoors shop and be British about it!

A similar concept to loungewear has also arrived on the sporting scene as we now see lots of clothing choices under the ‘athleisure’ badge. Apparently, some 65% of us will have set ourselves a goal to get fit in 2019 but it’s proven that if you announce your goals, you’re far more likely to achieve them than if you keep them to yourself. What better way to make that statement than by treating yourself to some new togs.

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Xmas Bling

Will you be rocking around the Christmas Tree in one of 2018’s best festive outfits?

It’s that time of year: we all want something a little special for our festive gatherings. We’ve discovered that, where Christmas was once the preserve of the BLBD (blingy little black dress), there’s now a much more exciting choice of styles. In 2018, anything goes, so here’s our somewhat musical take on this year’s Christmas styles.

We Three Kings of Gorgeous Print Are

Yes, it’s still all about the statement print in the shops this year. Now joining those wonderful animal prints are geometric patterns and lots of stripes and polka dots, breaking away from the normal blingy black. Harper’s Bazaar has some good inspiration for both patterns and textures in their holiday style tips article.

Christmas jumper

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jumpers all the way

Has anyone noticed that the much-maligned Christmas jumper has finally become a fashion must-have? There’s a huge range of these winter warmers about this year, adorned with everything from baubles to pom-poms or pictures of daschunds, llamas and, er, glasses of gin, apparently.

We’re embracing this evolution of the nerdiest knitwear because it means we can all join in with Christmas Jumper Day and still maintain our style status. Check out some of the best here.

The 12 seasons of Christmas

It seems that we don’t even need to be true to the weather when it comes to festive dress this year. Many fashionistas are repurposing their summer dresses by using tights or fantastically furry ‘trophy jackets’ to stay warm. It’s a great chance to show off any last traces of that tan you worked so hard for and it brings some fun and frivolity to the festivities.


One-sie in Royal David’s City

Ok, don’t panic, we’re actually talking about jump suits here but, you know, there’s only so much you can do with alliteration.

But, oh wow, has the jump suit taken off this season! There are all manner of styles, from brightly coloured to bling-tastic glittering treats. Check out redonline for some of the best.

Christmas in scrabble tiles

We wish you a yellow Christmas?

Just like those inevitable early daffodils who can’t predict the British weather, the lovely geranium yellow that’s set to brighten our Spring 2019 high streets has arrived already. Say goodbye to monochrome and embrace this gorgeous flash of colour to brighten the shortest, darkest day.

And, if you need any more convincing that ‘yellow’ and ‘snow’ in the same sentence can be a good thing, here’s Kendall Jenner modelling that very trend.

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Stuck for Christmas stocking fillers?

Stockings are an age-old tradition, often filled with traditional gifts such as fruit, small wooden toys or coins. So how come we struggle each year to know what to fill them with?

There’s an old custom which says you should fill a Christmas stocking with gifts that appeal to each of the five senses: sight, taste, touch, sound, smell. What a fun shopping trip this could mean:  this year, why not set yourself the challenge to find gifts that make noises, smell lovely or feel unusual?

These days, real stockings are actually inadequate for the type and size of presents that we like to give at Christmas. Many children are lucky enough to receive pillowcases or huge, personalised Santa sacks filled with larger gifts.

One thing’s for sure, despite the wide range of different traditions undertaken on Christmas Eve, they all come back to one thing: enjoying the look in the eyes of a loved one when they find their surprises on Christmas morning.

Here are some inspired stocking filler ideas for Christmas 2019:

christmas present

Green, eco-friendly stockings!

Given our current knowledge and concern about plastic polluting our planet, why not try creating an ‘ethical stocking’ for the kids? Think wood, paper or other natural materials. In fact, no matter their age, it’s easier than you’d think to fill a stocking with environmentally friendly gifts.

We think presents such as pretty bathroom gifts, cotton socks or beautiful little notebooks made from sustainable paper sources would be lovely gifts for any age.


Blue Stockings for him

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for at Christmas or any time but we think it’s a challenge worth accepting!

Of course, vouchers are always an option, fit nicely into a stocking and can offer him a little more choice when it comes to the final present choice.

And what about his favourite cuppa? There’s every chance your local coffee shop will sell their beans along with a nice travel mug so he can have a hot drink wherever he goes. That’s the ultimate winter warmer!

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, check out men’s magazine website, uk.askmen.com for more ideas.

Pink Stockings for her

Girls and women are potentially easier to buy for, especially as there’s no end of pretty little trinket presents in the shops right now. But what if you wanted to get something more useful?

How about a makeover? Your local chemist, department store or beauty therapist is bound to sell vouchers so why not give then the gift of a great new look? Perfectly sized for the stocking, it’ll be something for them to look forward to in dreary January.

Remember the theme of the five senses? Some beautiful hand, body or face cream could fulfil almost all of these in one go – smelling healthy and clean, with a beautiful soft touch to it, and they get to feast their eyes on the results.  Add a pretty box of Christmas cookies, and you’ve covered taste as well!

For more inspiration and to find a selection of gift ideas priced from £7 to well over £700, check out the research done by The Telegraph.

christmas cookie

Red stockings that say ‘I Love You’!

Finally, for all you lovebirds, what to buy for your better half this Christmas?

Joint presents can be tricky as it’s hard to find something that appeals to both people but that’s not to say you can’t get presents that help you to share time together. How about showing the world you’re two halves of a whole by getting some matching chunky jumpers or his and hers woolly hats and scarves?

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a beautiful throw to snuggle under while you watch this year’s Christmas TV. Christmas-themed or a year round pattern, there are lots of amazing fabrics and homewares out there right now.

Make it a shopping trip to kick off Christmas for the pair of you – head out to your local shopping centre and take in the amazing lights and vibrant window displays and then head home for some Christmas baking and a snuggle on the sofa – but no opening that fluffy penguin throw before Christmas Eve!

xmas present

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2019 Lifestyle trends just around the corner

It’s nearly the end of 2018 and, as ever, so much has happened in a year that’s positively whizzed by.

We’ve seen a landmark decision on animal skins as major fashion houses choose fake over fur; social media is awash with horrific accounts of plastic pollution, advancing the sustainable agenda yet further; and October saw a hugely impactful report on climate change which told us we have 12 years to make considerable changes to our lifestyles to stem the damage to the environment.

With all this going on, and no sign of our interest in fashion and interior design waning, what does it mean for 2019’s trends?

Flexible and multi-functional

Our society is seeing less and less of the old nine-to-five routine as working from home, remote teams and virtual offices take off. Fashion is predicted to follow suit with an innovative mix of formal and relaxed wear – athleisure – hitting the high streets during SS19. Think oversized blazers teamed with joggers, bringing an element of power-dressing to our lives outside of the office.

And, as a nod to the ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ mantra, we want more flexibility and functionality from our clothing too. In some cases, this means clothing that can adapt to our unpredictable seasons – think coats with interchangeable linings and even heaters! Yes, you read that right: down jackets from Ravean come with a 12v battery, which can be used to heat your jacket or charge your phone.

eco wear

Building a sustainable future

It’s no surprise that the fashion world is keen to clean up its act. Consumers want to be more responsible and lifestyles are changing, requiring more choice in materials.

Sustainable fabrics and vegan alternatives are both predicted to become more widely available in the fashion and cosmetics worlds with faux fur, synthetic silk and animal-free leather being among the innovative new ideas.

Dubbed ‘eco-fashion’, this movement involves clothing producers considering the impact of their processes and products on the world around them; in turn allowing their consumers to do the same. Organic cotton is now favoured by many brands, and is increasingly complemented by other eco-friendly fabrics, such as Tencel (made from wood-pulp), hemp and bamboo.

Plant-based products – the seed of an idea

plant based fashion

Skincare has long had a happy association with botanicals but, with our knowledge of the impact of toxins on our planet, it’s likely that plant-based products will start to overtake their more mainstream competitors, which are becoming ever harder to justify.

The rise and rise of the vegan trend is also pushing the plant-based agenda hard and veganism is by no means limited to food: take a look at this fabulous website for news of all things plants and eco, including garments made from spider silk and handbags made from plastic bottles.

Sticking with Style

With all these issues on the fashion agenda, you’ll be pleased to know there’s no let-up in creativity and design for SS19. Our clothes remain as inspirational as ever, with bright colours being a particular focus for the new year. According to Elle Magazine, we can expect to get very frilly with our evening wear and take a trip down memory lane, with both tie-dye and neon enjoying a resurgence in our shop windows. The key colour for the season is set to be a cheerful marigold yellow – certainly something to bring us cheer and hope for a bright future on planet Earth.

marigold yellow boots

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Organic Cotton


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November: Rain Or Shine?

So far, we’ve had a warmer than average October, but this season’s wet weather gear is simply too good to save for a rainy day. Check out the fabulous colours and styles on offer and get yourself decked out for some outdoor fun!

A drop of inspiration

It’s not as if we needed proof that, for fashionistas in 2018, anything goes, but here’s some anyway. Back in January, Fendi’s menswear show in Milan featured monogrammed umbrella hats. Yes, you read that right. Somewhat chicer than the ones you might be used to seeing, they were a part of the ‘ease-of-travel’ themed show and perfectly demonstrated the benefits of keeping dry and still being able to use your hands.

If anyone knows how to put the ‘oooh’ into monsoon, it’s British Vogue. Check out their article on How To Style Out a Rainy Day for inspiration. We particularly like the cute see-through rain hats. So much nicer than the ones your Nan used to tie round her hair to keep the blue rinse from running.

wellington boots

Wellie Watching

Since the rise and rise of festival chic, wellies are a staple part of everyone’s wardrobe. They’re also now available in more shapes, colours and styles than you can shake a wet stick at. But what should you look for when choosing your ultimate puddle-jumping footwear?

Wonderfulwellies.co.uk recommends three top qualities: comfort, warmth and waterproofing.

Here are our top tips for picking the very best pair of boots:

Size: In terms of fit, it’s not just about foot sizing. You also need to think about the fit around your calf. Too tight and puddle jumping could be problematic. Too baggy and you might end up taking on water.

Durability: wellies are available for every type of activity you can imagine, from festivals to farming, and walking to wading. As with all things, price affects durability. You get what you pay for and, if you’re planning to use your wellies in anger, it’s worth looking for a more durable, higher-priced pair, or even the more specialist styles designed with a particular activity in mind.

Comfort: there are a couple of things to consider in terms of comfort. Firstly; the lining of your wellies. Some of the higher-priced boots have a neoprene or other type of additional lining, making them more comfortable that the ‘single-skin’ versions. These linings can also keep your feet warmer but you need to be careful not to buy a boot that will be too warm in Spring or Summer. Secondly, you need to check that the wellies you choose give your feet and ankles adequate support. Even if you’re just wearing them for dog walking, you’ll soon feel a lack of support if you’re on grass or rough terrain.


Brilliant Brollies

Despite huge technological advances across society, the design of the humble umbrella has barely changed since it was invented over 4,000 years ago. First designed to protect people from the sun, the rain umbrella seems to date from the 17th century, although they were originally made of silk, which offered very little water resistance.

Given 2018’s trend for varied textures and unusual materials, it’s no surprise to learn that umbrellas haven’t escaped the eye of the fashion creatives, as this piece by pouted.com shows.

However, if you want something a little more sedate than an umbrella with a light saber as a handle, the high street choice is as colourful and varied as ever. From clear plastic ‘bubble’ brollies, to rainbow brights and autumn leaf prints, there’s something here for everyone.

It’s almost a shame to wait for the rain to come.

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Rain By: Barney Campbell


Rain By: Barney Campbell – £5.75




Mocktail Scented Candle - Purple Rain

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Time for a little retail therapy?

It’s a well-worn phrase but why do we refer to shopping as ‘therapy’?

Aside from the obvious outcome of new clothes or shoes, there are many reasons we love to shop. With busy lives and constant connection, we sometimes need to take time out to recharge our batteries. For many people, being mindful is about blocking out life’s ‘noise’ and getting some downtime in their head. Shopping is one thing that people feel they can relax into. Browsing slows us down and gives us an excuse to focus on ourselves: so, it’s official… getting out and about on the High Street is good for your health.

  1. Relaxation: we live in a hectic world, with constant noise from social media, news outlets and more. What better way to focus the mind on some non-digital activity than shopping? Purely by occupying your mind with just one thing for a couple of hours, you can release tension, put your troubles to one side and relax.
  1. Confidence: if you look good, you feel good and your local shopping centre definitely has the power to provide you with a killer new outfit. Just by trying on new clothes and imagining wearing them, we can boost our mood and make ourselves feel happy and confident. Plus, it’s great exercise, meaning calories are burnt and lots of lovely, happy endorphins are released, lifting your mood and lightening your step.

two people in a coffee shop

  1. Entertainment: Leisure time should be quality time, whether you spend it just with your good self, or with family or friends. It’s easy to see how you can while away a few hours browsing or buying under the bright lights and dazzling wonders of your shopping centre. You might be looking for something to do while the kids are at clubs or have time between meetings; either way, time flies when you’re having fun!
  1. Creative pride: pulling together a stunning outfit or finding just the right accessory for you or your home instills a sense of pride. You’ve created something new – and you get to take it home and enjoy it even more. This is the feel-good factor that keeps on giving.


  1. Social interaction: of course, there’s only one thing that beats shopping, and that’s shopping with friends. The shopping centre can provide the perfect day out with some retail therapy, followed by coffee, lunch or some beauty therapy. Go on, your friends will thank you for it.

So, there you have it. Shopping is about so much more than revamping your wardrobe or stocking up on toiletries. It’s actually good for you from a health and wellbeing point of view. By getting out and about, we are exercised and invigorated and we have the joyful bonus of bags of goodies to unwrap when we get home. And if that doesn’t convince you, try Glamour’s alternative list of legit reasons to hit the High Street. What are you waiting for?

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Where will you put your pumpkin?

There’s an interesting new trend for Halloween 2018…Check out Instagram, and you’ll find a range of orange glitter-painted pumpkin butts! According to an article in Metro recently, making your best asset into a sparkly, painted pumpkin is this year’s spooky thing to do….but we’re not sure it’ll work out well as a trick or treat costume in your local neighbourhood!

For those of you who prefer to stay covered up, we’ve come up with 5 wicked ways to enjoy Halloween this year (all while revealing appropriate amounts of flesh!)

1. Throw a Halloween party

These days, the UK retail sector is really embracing Halloween with the Association of Town & City Management telling us it’s the fastest growing retail event for under-18’s. In fact, after Christmas and Easter, it’s the third largest retail event of the year so there’s no shortage of fantastically fearful accessories and decorations in the shops.

From terrifying tableware to scary snacks, you can easily create a party with a difference to celebrate the occasion. All the usual rules go out of the window for Hallowe’en, when it seems perfectly acceptable to serve bite-size eyeballs or finger food crawling with spiders and bats.

Halloween costumes

2. Decorate your doorstep

Towns and villages across the UK have seen ever-increasing efforts made to spookify their surroundings on Halloween. From pretty wreaths to life-size ghosts and ghouls, it’s clear that all tastes can be catered for.

Don’t forget the trademark pumpkins, complete with creepy carvings, to add the finishing touches. Tradition says if you’re pumpkin is lit you’re happy to have trick-or-treaters knock at the door so make sure you’ve stocked up on sweets too.

3. Go along to an organized event

With Halloween enjoying ever-greater popularity, most public attractions will be holding special events or themed promotions. Many of these are great for kids and adults alike. For 2018, English Heritage is running family events including terrifying trails, spooky storytelling and creepy crafts, made all the more realistic when they are in the grounds of an old house or castle.

Falling so close to school half term holidays makes Halloween a fantastic opportunity for family fun; watch out for themed outings for quality time and fresh air as an added bonus.

4. Go full on haunted house

Give trick-or-treaters an amazing experience by creating a haunted house look indoors. Imagine the door opening and a ghoulish graveyard awaiting: creepy corridors, scary staircases and all manner of other scene-setters are available to take your decorating to the next level. In the digital age, it’s all about immersing yourself in fake reality and this will bring you right up to date with the latest themed decorating.

Of course, there’s no shortage of cobwebs and skeletons to add to the overall effect so let your imagination run wild. If you can’t do it at Halloween, when can you do it?

Halloween Outfit

5. Trick or Tree-eat?

You’re never too old for a bucketful of sweets, so grab the kids and head out for an early evening wander around the neighbourhood. As well as making sure you get your sugar fix, it’s a great way to see what your neighbours have come up with for Halloween and get some even better ideas for next year!

Don’t forget, take a torch for the darker roads, put something bright on the kids to make them easily seen and follow the Halloween code: if there’s a lit pumpkin, feel free to knock!

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Fall in love with Autumn

We’re seeing some definite autumnal signs and can’t help feeling that bubbling excitement at the prospect of a new season, new clothes, different things to do and the beauty of the most colourful season of the year.

This week, we’ve taken a closer look at Autumn and it’s colours, textures and accessories and, it’s safe to say, we’re already just a little bit in love…

This year, the gorgeous Autumn staples of oranges, browns and rich creams are here again but there’s also an injection of extra warmth with pastel and bright pinks, striking statement reds, and the ever-popular metallic and prints which provide a real showy edge to our wardrobes. Talking of print, this year is seeing some real beauties in the shops, including zebra, leopard, python and cheetah.

Colour Analysis

Colours become attractive to us for many reasons. Sometimes they simply grab our attention, sometimes we know what works well with our hair or skin colouring. Personal shoppers often suggest having ‘colour analysis’ to better understand what shades work best for us. There’s no doubt, our brains are attracted to certain colours for different reasons and Autumn is one of the best seasons to find a real range of hues.

Orange is the colour of optimism and social communication. It’s considered an optimistic colour which brings to mind feelings of energy and warmth. The perfect descriptor for an energetic walk in the leaves followed by a chat over hot chocolate!

Browns are seen as friendly, down-to-earth colours, which convey feelings of comfort, strength and reliability. Rich, chocolatey throws and soft cushions help us chill without the cold.


Gold colours signify luxury and abundance and evoke feelings of extravagance, value and quality, and, of course, party wear. What better time of year to throw caution to the wind and bring the bling.

Fall feels good


Autumn has to be known for textures, with layers the order of the day. From bracing woodland walks to fireside chats, layering is the ideal way to experiment with a host of colours and patterns and, of course, cope with whatever the weather brings. There’s still the chance to bring fun patterns into the mix as florals move from ditsy to decadent, with dark, dramatic backgrounds bringing in a seasonal twist.

It’s a great time to be shopping for those winter knits, with hats, scarves and gloves starting to appear in the shops now. Vogue’s Ultimate Hat Guide shows everything from caps to balaclavas and snoods being hot for 2018, and, back on the high street, there’s no shortage of style mash-ups to choose from.

Fireside glow

Don’t forget to relax in style as well with beautifully soft, cosy socks and sumptuous throws and blankets to continue the layering theme that’s so hot for 2018. Get yourself a warming scented candle and an oversized mug of hot chocolate and you’re good to go…even if it is only as far as your sofa!

Hot chocolate

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hugo boss private accord

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Goodbye summer blues, hello new you

The summer holidays are over and with any luck you’ve taken some time out and are feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to embrace the autumn and winter months, despite any post-holiday blues. What better way to give yourself an all over health boost than to address your fitness, your vitamin intake and your diet? After all, Christmas is only a few months away.


If you’re planning to run away any excess holiday pounds, be it through running, boxing, Pilates, yoga, HIIT classes or a certain sport, invest in quality sports gear and you’ll feel twice as guilty at letting your training slide between now and Christmas, or giving up at the first hurdle. From renowned sportswear labels to high-street brands, the shops are full of new season fitness gear and footwear that combine fashion and function in a high-performance mix to take your training to new levels.

fitness gearDo your shoes fit? The most necessary purchase you’ll need to make is on a pair of performance enhancing trainers. Invest in a pair to suit your activity or sport and support the shape of your foot. Ask a trained shop assistant to recommend a specialist brand, such as Brooks, Asics, Reebok, Nike, adidas or New Balance based on the way they fit your feet. This will help you avoid any injuries.


Better comfort and performance? Look for breathable, durable, design-focused sportswear in fast drying fabrics, specifically designed to regulate temperature, such as sweat-wicking fabrics on vests for indoor training and thermal, long-sleeved tops for outdoor exercise.

Want to look the part? There is no excuse for looking drab, especially when there are so many fabulous fabrics, colours and prints available to buy. Have fun with neon and monochrome geometric, floral and splattered prints on clothing and accessories. The brighter, the better.

neon workout gear


Top up your vitamin intake and give yourself an energy boost. Whether you do this through supplements or with specific foods, it’ll help your performance and also make you feel on top of the world. As will drinking 2 to 3 litres of water per day, swapping caffeine for green tea, grazing on plenty of nuts, berries and grains and cooking only in coconut oil.


Why not start juicing? Super healthy cold-presses and juice-smoothies retain the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and enzymes that promise to help you lose weight, boost immunity and cleanse your system. Use fresh ingredients in a cold-press to create purple beet juices, green kale juices and orange carrot juices bursting with goodness. Alternatively, create a juice-smoothie using a blender by adding bulky fruits with some crushed flaxseeds, chia seeds and nuts. Take a look in department and electronic stores now for some of the best bargains on electric blenders and juicers.


Want a breakfast of champions? Start the day with a vitamin induced breakfast packed full of proteins, grains, vegetables and fruits and you’ll be well on your way.

  • Put apples and kale in your breakfast smoothie to boost cardio.
  • Include spinach, eggs and avocado on your toast to help maintain muscle.
  • Add blueberries and honey to your porridge help prevent injury.
  • Add pine nuts, walnuts and almonds to cereals to stay lean and healthy.

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Exercising and eating in the right way will build new lean muscle mass while burning unwanted fat. However, training hard can deplete your body of vitamins and nutrients essential for muscle gain and fat loss. Even with the best diet possible, it can be tough to get all these vital elements, and that’s where supplements are needed.

Add several health and fitness supplements to your daily regime to help your body on its road to fitness, leaving you feeling energised, supporting weight loss, as well as boosting your immune system and improving your skin. Talk to an expert at a health food shop or pharmacist where you’ll find an abundance of fitness supplements in the form of tablets, powders, protein bars and protein balls.

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Vitamins A, C, D, E and Zinc – To boost your natural immunity and stay on top of your game.

BCAAs – To maximise muscle growth. These are amino acids that are a great source of protein for those who are dieting and counting calories.

Creatine – To aid muscle development and build strength. This is great for weight training and strength sports.

Omega 3 Fish Oil – To assist with cognitive function, fat burning and hormonal output.

Green Powder– To supplement a shortfall of nutrients and minerals. This is essential if you don’t eat enough leafy greens. Ensure your chosen green powder contains adequate amounts of fibre, antioxidants, digestive enzymes and wheatgrasses

Vitamin D – To boost bone density and energy production. From the lack of sunlight in the UK many people can suffer from low vitamin D levels which can drop dangerously low in winter.

Whey Protein – To repair sore muscles and trigger growth. Rich in BCAAs, whey is ideal pre or post-workout.

Glucosamine – For stronger joints. This is typically made from shellfish, can reinforce cartilage by stimulating the cells to produce proteoglycans, which can improve joint function and mobility.

Glutamine – To add muscle faster. This is an amino acid that minimises the breakdown of muscle tissues during strenuous exercise as well as improving muscle synthesis. Having adequate levels has also been linked to improved brain and gut health.

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