3 Ways To Beat The January Blues

So, the festivities are over, the lights have been packed away for another year. January can seem quite a dull month in comparison but it’s also a great time for starting a brand new adventure:  taking stock, making new plans and giving yourself some much-needed ‘me time’.

We’ve got some top tips on how to beat the January blues – it’s a whole body and mind project and we can point you in the direction of success.


1. Sleep

Some say it’s overrated, we say it’s an essential element of feeling good and staying healthy. After burning the candle at both ends during December, January is generally quiet so it’s a great time for getting in some extra zzzz’s. But that doesn’t mean we have to be boring, oh no. Take a special trip to your local shopping centre to pick up some lovely new pyjamas (hopefully you’ll get a bargain in the sale) and maybe a new book that you can get stuck into during the dark evenings.

Loungewear is a relatively new clothing category that’s set to take off in AW18-19. Clothing that’s super comfortable but flexible enough to answer the door to the Tesco delivery man is essential for our near-24 hour lifestyle. Consisting of everything from underwear to joggers, loungewear allows real flexibility whether you’re spending the day working from home or just getting an early night.


2. Healthy diet

January is definitely the month-of-detox. How many of you are, or know someone that is, on some sort of healthy eating plan? Whether it’s a week, a month or some new habits for life, health and wellbeing is certainly on the agenda for 2019.

The NHS suggests focusing on a balanced diet – that’s a wide variety of foods in the right proportions. These days, we’re all more aware of the impact food can have on our health and lifestyle and, thankfully, it’s a lot easier to head out and about if you are following a restricted diet this month. Coffee shops always offer a range of different milks, such as almond or coconut. Many cafes and restaurants are happy to cater for gluten free customers and veganism has experienced a boom over the past year or so with the Vegan Society reporting that demand for meat-free food increased by an incredible 987% during 2017.


3. Fitness

You can’t beat fresh air and exercise for lifting the spirits and these cold, crisp winter days are perfect for blowing away the cobwebs. However, with a big freeze predicted for the UK in late January, don’t forget that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Head out and get kitted up at your local sports or outdoors shop and be British about it!

A similar concept to loungewear has also arrived on the sporting scene as we now see lots of clothing choices under the ‘athleisure’ badge. Apparently, some 65% of us will have set ourselves a goal to get fit in 2019 but it’s proven that if you announce your goals, you’re far more likely to achieve them than if you keep them to yourself. What better way to make that statement than by treating yourself to some new togs.

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Summer Goals

This summer you have most probably lost your partner to one sport activity or the other, whatever sport your other half is addicted to this season don’t let it stop you from having a sensational summer. While they are staying in glued to the box, take note of these five Summer Goals, some fun and fabulous things you can do alone or with friends. You may find your other half gets a little “grassy” green with envy.

1. Pamper party

Keep calm and have a pamper party! Whether you go solo, share with friends, share it with siblings or daughters, host it yourself, or bring in the experts; the sound of cheering and groaning from the TV room will become a distant sound, as you and your guests relax to the sounds of custom playlists whilst indulging in some in bubbly, healthy snacks and being cossetted with facials, manis and pedis.

Set the mood with pretty tableware and décor, and if you’re providing all the products make sure you get some bargains. From spa sets and face masks to nail polishes and pedicure bowls (we love a washing up bowl), the high street has everything you could need. Don’t forget your robe and slippers and tell your guests to bring their own!

spa items

2. Picnic paradise

Nothing quite beats a picnic in the park. Pick a gorgeous spot with a view, invite some friends, fill your cool bags with plenty of fizz and delicious treats and relax in your surroundings. With plenty of fabulous food offers in stores on picnic delicacies, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and whether you go disposable or invest in some picnicware, just remember to take plenty of picnic blankets to chill out on.


3. A day at the beach

Get your bikinis at the ready as the beach awaits you for a fun filled day of sand and sea. As long as you have plenty of SPF to wear and water to drink, some man-made shade, fluffy towels and flip flops to protect your feet from the burning sand, take advantage of this current heatwave and have yourself a holiday.


4. Festival fun

Heading out to a festival is one of the highlights of our summer – what’s not to love about live music, sunshine and friends? Pack wisely to ensure you have the best time, or if you’re creating your own festival in your back garden then don some denim shorts, cheap flip flops, a sequin top, stackable bracelets, a cute hat, a crossbody bag and a water bottle. Face gems and body glitter optional.


5. Mindfullness

Take 90 minutes of alone time and you’ll be amazed at how good you feel afterwards. Read a summer blockbuster, paint a picture, go for a run, do some colouring or some meditation – whatever floats your boat for 90 minutes of peace and quiet and you’ll feel fabulous for the rest of the day.


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Let’s celebrate Cats & Dogs

In the words of George Eliot  “Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no question; they pass no criticisms”.

National Pet Month is back this April, attracting thousands of animal lovers, charities, businesses, retailers and schools to celebrate the value of pet ownership, raise funds for pet causes and have fun! As Britain’s most popular pets are cats and dogs, we urge you to show your little friend some extra love with treats and toys they’ll enjoy or get ready for bringing a new cat or dog into your life.


Every animal has its own personality, but with a dog you get to know that personality so well that you can tell when your dog is unwell, unhappy or if something is wrong. Any dog lover will tell you that the best part about owning a dog as a pet is that they are always happy to see you. Whether you have been gone for a few minutes or a few days, you will be treated with bounds of enthusiasm when you walk through the door.

“The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs” Charles de Gaulle

With so much unconditional love bestowed upon you by your dog, isn’t it time to show your love and appreciation? Why not treat your dog to a new and improved bed or some new toys?

When choosing a new bed for your dog, follow these important rules.

  1. Weigh and measure your dog before you shop for a bed. Measure him from tail to nose with a tape measure.
  2. Have in mind the room that he will be sleeping in.
  3. Determine which features are important.
  4. Select a colour and style that complements your dog and your home.
  5. Always check the washing instructions before you buy.

When you go toy shopping for your pup or dog ensure you buy toys that are size-appropriate. Big dogs will rip apart and eat toys meant for little pups, which could cause choking and small dogs (or older ones) could injure their teeth on hard toys meant for large dogs. Most dog toys are size labelled but if in doubt ask an in-store expert for some help and advice.


Cats are in many ways more independent than a dog, and so they have very different needs. Did you know that cats spend around 60% of their lives asleep, splitting their sleeping time up into a series of longer naps throughout the day? Given that cats could almost class sleeping as a hobby, a warm and snuggly cat bed is an essential accessory if you want to make sure your cat stays happy and contented.

“In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this”. Terry Pratchett

If you have more than one cat in your household, it is advisable to provide each cat with a separate place to snooze, to avoid any conflict over territory. A wide variety of styles and designs of baskets and dens are available to cater for every cat’s taste. Cats can be very particular about their place of rest: some may prefer something fluffy and padded, whereas others will opt for something more minimalist.

Consider these factors when choosing a bed for your cat.

  • Choose the right size. Make sure your cat can stretch out comfortably, but don’t get one that is too big. Cats feel more secure and comfortable in smaller places.
  • Choose a bed that is easy for your cat to get in and out of. If you have a kitten or older cat, you’ll want to make extra sure that the walls of the bed are low enough so they get in and out easily
  • Natural fabrics for the lining and stuffing are best. This provides extra comfort for your cat and helps with some allergies. Natural fabrics include cottons, wool, feathers, and kapok. Synthetic fibres that are hypoallergenic are also good.
  • Choose one that is machine-washable. This will allow you to keep your cat’s sleeping area clean and free from potential fleas and also from allergens.

Cats and their owners love playing together with toys, it is human and feline nature and part of forming a close bond with your cat. Pet shops and discount shops are full of toys suitable for cats of all dispositions, from the nervous to the outgoing and boisterous. Look out for ball toys, play tunnels, scratching posts, stick teasers, treat balls, interactive toys, soft cat toys and cat nip toys.

Some cats prefer delicate fluffy toys, perhaps a cat stick teaser or a plush toy for you to dangle whilst they chase, while other felines prefer the rough and tumble of a rustling bed, cat activity centre or a place to play hide and seek.


There are a few extra items that you should consider when you have a pet. Pet insurance can save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year, helping to cover those unexpected and costly vet bills. The Post Office offers pet insurance, covering up to £7,000 in vet fees per policy year.

And don’t forget your pet’s ID tag. All dogs and cats should have an ID tag incase they get lost, to help them find their way home.


Reign purple in 2018

It’s a new year, and as many often claim a new year means a new you. You make resolutions, many of which are broken within the first month of the year, all in the aim of being a better person. This year, being a new you does not have to mean trying to change who you are, but rather let it mean changing the things around you to make you the best ‘you’ you can be.

For 2018, Pantone has announced that Ultra Violet is the colour of the year. So why not infuse this colour into the different aspects of your life? Refreshing your wardrobe, beauty regime and even your diet may have surprising impacts on the various aspects of your life. This vibrant and energetic colour could be just the thing your 2018 needs to give it a boost and help you be the best.


Purple is believed to have a calming effect on the mind and nerves, as well as encourage imagination and creativity. A colour often linked with authority, adding this colour to your wardrobe could give you the added confidence you need during a tough day, while also helping your mindset. However, be careful not to over do it with the purple, as too much of this glorious hue is thought to bring out some negative qualities, like irritability, impatience and arrogance.

There are a few ways you can add some purple to your wardrobe, without it becoming overbearing. Think accessories, a statement top with muted trousers or a skirt, or be a bit more daring and go for purple shoes to add pop to your outfit. The purple can simply be a small detail of the entire outfit, but this can still be powerful.

Images: New Look, Peacocks, Dorothy Perkins, Select, Bonmarché

Apricot purple lace scallop hem bell sleeve top £25.00 at New Look
Purple tie sleeve top £15.00 at Peacocks
Tie front short sleeve top £17.50 at Dorothy Perkins
Bardot lotus long sleeve blouse £12.99 at Select
Floral print bubble hem blouse £22.00 at Bonmarch

Images: New Look, Clarks, Shoe Zone, Deichmann, Quiz

Satin ribbon tie heels £17.99 at New Look
Vendra Bloom in aubergine suede £29.00 at Clarks
Marco Tozzi multi coloured brogue boot £49.99 at Shoe Zone
Puma Vikky trainers £44.99 at Deichmann
White and pink embroidered boots £19.99 at Quiz

Images: Claire’s, Peacocks, Bonmarché, New Look, Evans

18ct gold plated cubic zirconia purple studs £6.00 at Claire’s
Plum chunky knitted snood £10.00 at Peacocks
Pastel checked scarf £10.00 at Bonmarché
Purple zip side metal handle tote bag £24.49 at New Look
Purple twist bead collar necklace £7.50 at Evans


There’s no need to limit your use of purple to your wardrobe alone. There are fun ways you can incorporate this shade into your beauty look without looking like a little kid playing dress up. A touch of purple nail varnish, or a subtle touch of purple eyeshadow can be enough to update your beauty look for 2018 and give you that extra boost of confidence when you need it.

Images: Boots, Superdrug, Bodycare

Orly nail polish is Velvet Rope £5.00 at Boots
Rimmel nail polish 60 Second in Black Cherries £2.99 at Superdrug
Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad eyeshadow in State of Grace £5.99 at Bodycare
Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette in Mermaids vs Unicorns £4.00 at Superdrug
L’Oréal Paris Color Riche mono eyeshadow in purple velour £5.99 at Boots


And why not extend the Ultra Violet trend into your eating habits too? According to research, the antioxidant that gives purple foods their colour (anthocyanin) is beneficial, having been linked to increased longevity, cardiovascular health and dementia.

Some of the foods that you can add to your diet that not only feature this beautiful and vibrant colour, but are good for you too, include red cabbage, berries like blackberries and cranberries, aubergines or eggplant, as well as purple or heritage carrots and red kale.

Next time you visit the grocery store keep an eye out for purple (healthy) foods you can buy. Sainsbury’s, Asda, Iceland and Tesco as sure to have a selection of in-season fruits and vegetables in this powerful (and healthy) colour.

In 2018, Ultra Violet is not only the colour of the year, but the colour that could change your year and you.


Don’t forget your passport

The summer is almost upon us. Hurrah! For some of us it means travelling to near or far flung places for family gatherings, weekends away, holiday pleasure and some much needed rest and relaxation. Whether long haul or short haul, whatever you do, don’t leave home without bagging yourself the right bags for your trip.


For special short breaks and for your carry-on, you need a cabin bag that’s super versatile and easy to get from A to B. First and foremost, each airline has their own set of size guidelines when it comes to cabin luggage. Get your dimensions wrong and you could end up with extra hassle at the airport and paying hefty charges for your luggage to go in the hold if it’s too big for the cabin.

To find the ideal hand luggage to take with you on your flight think about what you will be taking with you and compartmentalise your packing accordingly.

Make sure you have a telescopic and adjustable handle, side handles to make it easier to lift into the overhead locker and the more wheels the better as you’ll get better movement and stability.

IT Worlds Lightest Small Wheel Suitcase £29.99 Argos
American Tourister Wavebreaker 8 Wheel Small Suitcase £49.99 Argos
IT Luggage 4 Wheel Hard Cabin Case £39.99 Argos

If you’re taking a computer with you, then opt for an airline approved cabin bag with a built in laptop section. You’ll also want to consider whether you want a case that can fit under your seat for quick access.

Asaklitt 32 L Cabin Trolley Case £39.99 Clas Ohlson
Wenger Potomac Wheeled Laptop Case £89.99 Clas Ohlson

If aesthetic is more important to you than function then there are plenty of colourful cabin bags around at bargain prices. From stripes and florals to bold brights, the choice is endless.

Sovereign Suitcase 49cm in Teal or Floral £12.99 B&M
Excel Suitcase Foldable Cabin Trolley Bag in Black, Blue or Pink £9.99 B&M



When you’re escaping on holiday for a week or more, or just packing for every eventuality, you need a case that offers the space and features to get your stuff all the way to your destination, and all the way back again.

Make sure your case has straps inside to keep your belongings secure and in place for the duration of your journey. Pockets and compartments provide extra space and are perfect for keeping important stuff safe and expandable luggage gives you more space when you need it, especially if you’re planning on coming home with more than you left with. One other tip, if you’re trying to blag an upgrade then make sure you look the part. Why not choose an eye catching and chic luggage set to accompany you on your travels?

Tripp Chambray ‘World’ 4 wheel Suitcases from £49.00 at Debenhams
Tripp Holiday 5 Suitcases various Colours from £45.00 at Debenhams



Travelling with children, whatever their age can be stressful, but you can take away some of the hassle by choosing luggage that they’ll love.

Star Wars and Little Miss Sunshine Suitcases
55cm, 66cm, 76cm from £34.99 to £54.99 B&M Stores

Luggage designed specifically for children can have a dual purpose and help them beat the boredom of travelling. Flyte is a combination of a compact piece of luggage, a pull along trolley case and a scooter. It easily folds out from a travel case into a fun steer scooter to make running to the gate a breeze!

Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack their Trunki with their favourite belongings, while you can keep them in tow, let them ride on next to you, or take a seat while waiting to board.


Flyte H20 Midi Case Scooter and Olivia The Owl Midi Flyte Case Scooter both £69.99
Trunki Frank the Firetruck and Trunki Una the Unicorn each £39.99 from Argos


Kid’s accessories can also be fun. From cute luggage tags and passport holders for babies to cool travel accessories for teenagers who want to retain their individuality.

Bambino My First Passport & luggage Tag £12.99 Argos
Watermelon Luggage Tag £3.99 New Look
Away We Go Travel Essentials Set £10.00 Claire’s


There is no such thing as too many bags to make your packing more streamlined. From bags to help you pack in a modular system, to bags specifically designed to protect your shoes, lingerie and swimwear in your suitcase, and bags dedicated to protecting your technology from beachside antics, seek and you shall find.

Asaklitt 6-Pack Luggage Organisers £8.99 Clas Ohlson
Travel Bags £1.00 Poundland

Pro-Tec CaseIt Active Universal Mobile Waterproof Pouch £9.99 EE Stores
Proporta Beachbuoy Large £12.49 Superdrug
Rugged waterproof Phone Pounch £14.99 Maplin
Travel Pouch £2.99 Superdrug


A passport holder or a travel pouch is the one item you will be pleased you took as you’ll be able to put all your important travel documents in one place as well credit cards, certificates, passport, etc. From practical styles you can keep in your pocket or wear around your neck, to ones with funky prints that make a statement about who you are, whatever you choose it will help you stay organised.

Beauty Junky Passport and Ticket Holder £7.50 Boots
Trendz Map Passport Cover £13.00 Boots
Marvel Comics Passport And Luggage Tag Set £12.00 Clintons


Techy fans will love the revolutionary Hidentity Passport Plus Cover, it stops criminals from reading the data stored on the RFID chip in your passport or credit and debit card due to a protective foil embedded in the cover. It is so thin that very little bulk is added to your passport so will even fit in your coat pocket.

Asaklitt Neck Wallet in Turquoise, Pink or Black £5.99 Clas Ohlson
Asaklitt Travel Wallet £4.99 Clas Ohlson
Hidentity Passport Plus Cover £7.49 Maplin
Neon Passport Holders £1.00 Poundland



Finally, make sure you stand out in a crowd at the baggage carousel with brightly designed luggage tags and say goodbye to picking up the wrong case.

Slogan Luggage Tags £1.00 Poundworld
Not Your Bag Luggage Tags £7.99 Maplin
Askalit Owl Luggage Tag £2.49 Clas Ohlson
Glo Luggage ID Tag £2.49 Superdrug
Old-Fashioned Luggage Labels £7.71 WHSmith


Savour your Shopping Centre

We live in a world where you can buy virtually anything you might want from the comfort of your own home. And while we certainly appreciate a good online shopping binge, you just can’t beat the real thing. Your shopping centre is more than just a shopping centre; it gives you the ability to interact on so many levels.

Would it surprise you to know that as a nation we are no longer visiting a shopping centre and just grabbing what we want then running? These days our shopping centres are not just about shops and selling but are all about providing a place to visit to try new things, offering one-stop shopping convenience, time saving services and a little bit of escapism. It’s not surprising that almost a third of shopping centre visitors use it as a destination to eat, drink and socialise.

These days it isn’t out of place to find services such as free Wi-Fi, free mobile phone charging points, wheelchair hire, baby change and breast feeding facilities, Click & Collect, Collect +, free events or a kid’s soft play area.

Why not bring friends or family along and discover some new and pleasurable experiences? Look on your shopping centres website and social media channels to find out about the latest pop ups, entertainment and shopping events. Many now have a calendar of year-round activity for all ages, including farmers markets, live music, character visits, cooking demonstrations and workshops.

Here are 10 reasons why your Shopping Centre is more than just a place to shop.

1. It’s the original one-stop-shop.

Buy a digital radio, a new wardrobe and a delicious cupcake – book a holiday, post a birthday card, get a manicure and get your iPad screen fixed, simultaneously.

2. Hungry?

Whether your shopping centre has a fully blown food court or a small selection of independent café’s or restaurant chains, there will be great food and fast food available, so whether you’re on the go or after a leisurely brunch, you certainly won’t starve.

3. It’s a prime people-watching hot spot.

A variety of shops mean a variety of different people. Look around for some fashion inspiration or just sit back and watch human behaviour at it’s best, or worst.

4. You can relax – yes really.

Your shopping centre could almost be a day spa. From hairdressers and nail salons to tanning shops and eyebrow threading bars – book back-to-back appointments and then head to the nearest massage chair if there is one on offer.

5. It’s dependable, whatever the weather.

Nothing kills an outdoor shopping trip like a bit of harsh weather. For obvious reasons, that problem becomes irrelevant on a trip to your shopping centre.

6. You will experience instant gratification.

Find what you want and take it home with you right away. No wait, no delivery charges and no having to take that little white card the postman put through your letterbox to the collections point at your post office.

7. You can have your great escape.

Get away, if only for a couple of hours, from daily obligations and responsibilities and enjoy some “me time” with your kindle and a coffee. Alternatively it makes “working from home” pretty easy if there is free Wi-Fi.

8. You’ll be entertained, for free.

For you, for the kids or just because you have a few hours to kill, why not try something new, and be entertained. No other retail venue can provide the level of entertainment a shopping centre can and at no cost to you.

9. Find a child-minder for £1.

Kids driving you crazy? For the price of £1 there will be some sort of fire engine, camper van, police car or aeroplane you can plonk your little ones on and zone out just a little bit while they enjoy the ride.

10. It gives you options.

From finding price comparisons and multi-tasking to throwing in the towel when you can’t find what you want and having afternoon tea instead. Your shopping centre will be whatever you need it to be, and more. Plus parking is super easy.

Chesterfield Pavements offer a vast range of shops and facilities all under one fully covered roof including Chesterfield’s main library which has all the facilities you would expect including a café and internet access.

Discover major high street brands such as Boots, Tesco’s and WH Smith and a variety of eateries and watering holes Greggs, McDonalds, Massarella’s. Market Fish & Chips, Crawshaws, Peacocks Café and Cooplands. Shopmobility and nearby covered parking is also available.