Six ways to lift your look this Spring

It’s fair to say that our UK seasons don’t always have a clear beginning and end. Spring is officially here, according to the date and most of the plants in the garden, but if you’re having wardrobe nightmares with the constant is it/ isn’t it indecisive weather, worry no more. We’ve got some great ideas to make your wardrobe work with minimal outlay.

1 . Crafty thinking

Spring fashion has hit the shops. There’s a blast of colour and everyone’s feeling cheery at the sight of the nodding daffs. But, in the UK, we have to deal with the odd sub-zero early morning for a few more weeks yet so how can we bring this colour in to our existing wardrobe and avoid shelling out on clothes that don’t work with the weather?

Head on down to your local stationery or craft shop for a cheap and cheerful craft pack. There are a tonne of sequins, beads and other applique in these selections and they are perfect for adding a little extra to an old hat or scruffy t-shirt.

2. A trick of the light

The main difference between winter and spring trends is usually colour. If you’re not yet ready to ‘clast a clout’ why not buy some accessories to brighten up your existing outfits? We’re thinking scarves, belts, bags or shoes which trick the eye into seeing a brighter look. This approach keeps your costs down until Spring has completely sprung but cheers up your winter wardrobe. Check out this article by Vogue for inspiration – we’re loving the Prada headbands – an accessory that’s easy to emulate from the high street.

3. Get touchy-feely

Why not invest in a budget basic – we love t-shirts or lightweight jumpers for simplicity of design – and customise it to bring in the emerging Spring trends. Lighter weight fabrics might not be the obvious choice quite yet, but you can still use them to amazing effect when customising another item.

There’s a huge range of funky accessories that can be used to give your basic piece a lift. Think patches, gems or buttons from the craft shops or head to your local fabric shop and check out the offcuts bin. Small pieces of interesting, tactile fabrics such as net or satin can transform the look of a plain cotton tee.

4. Patchy showers

While you still need an extra layer during April and May, the bargain bin in the haberdashery department is most definitely your best friend. Search through for any brightly coloured fabric and create your own ‘fat quarters’ which can then be stitched together to create a bright, Spring-like pashmina-style scarf. Look for a range of patterns and styles to bring together for a really unique accessory.

5. Bags of style

One of the new catwalk trends this Spring is to wear not one but two handbags. Mix and match size, colour and style and wear one on each hip to create this crazy new look. Investing in a couple of small, budget bags is a quick and cost effective way of adding some colour to your outfit without blowing your budget.

6. Sparkle like the sun

Finally, don’t forget the bling! If the sun isn’t out to play, that doesn’t mean you can’t be. Grab some shiny, impactful gems and jewels and create a shining light of your own. Here’s some inspiration for looks that are trending but the general rule is…there are no rules. Big and bold is beautiful and will be sure to lift the heads of passers by.

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5 Steps to Capsule Wardrobe Success

Our world is nothing if it is not consumer-led. We all enjoy filling our houses with accessories and clothing is now more affordable than ever.

It’s no surprise then, that we are seeing a surge in advice on how to de-clutter. Marie Kondo is probably the most famous declutterer – officially known as an ‘organisation consultant’.

So, with this topic hot on everyone’s mind, here’s how to get to grips with the idea of less is more.

Focused fashion

The idea of a simple, clutter-free wardrobe is nothing new in the fashion world. You’ll no doubt be familiar of the concept of a capsule wardrobe: one where you can pick and mix separates to create an outfit for any occasion. Many of us aspire to this notion but, for some reason, it’s harder that it looks to create this streamlined closet.

Here are our 5 steps to turn clutter to capsule:

  1. Donna Karan popularised the concept of a capsule wardrobe back in 1985 when she released a collection of seven interchangeable items of work clothing. So, is seven the magic number? thinks not. The general rule seems to be that you don’t have to have a magic number but you should aim for 50 or fewer pieces – that includes footwear and outerwear. So, step one is to begin with a clear out.
  2. The KonMari approach has introduced mindfulness to tidying, and it is widely believed that this is behind its immense popularity. Using this approach, it is suggested that you spend some time living with your newly pared-down wardrobe before refilling it. So, don’t rush straight out to the shops!
  3. The original concept of a capsule wardrobe was set out by Susie Faux, owner of a London boutique called ‘Wardrobe’. She stated that the perfect version would contain items that never went out of fashion, for example skirts, trousers and coats. These ‘staples’ can then be augmented with seasonal items to create colour and flexibility. The Blissful Mind believes there are ten essential items for today’s capsule wardrobe: a vest top, a short-sleeved t-shirt, a long-sleeved t-shirt, a blouse, a sweater, a black dress, a cardigan, a blazer, jeans, and a black skirt. Check out your wardrobe and make a note of any gaps or any extras.
  4. It’s time to be honest with yourself. Consider the various parts of your lifestyle: are you a parent who does the daily school run? Do you work? If so, are you office or home based? Do you spend most of your time in a city or country environment? Questions such as these will help you to determine whether any items in your wardrobe are surplus to requirements. They will also help you to tweak the capsule wardrobe essentials. For example, there’s little point in owning heels if you live in the country, work from home and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Remember, being honest might mean parting with the chiffon party dress that you simply love but which is likely to be worn once every few years.
  5. Now for the fun bit! It’s time to shop for the finishing touches to your capsule wardrobe. Ok, before you jump into the car and whizz off to the mall, there needs to be some planning. Think again about the lifestyle you confirmed in step 4. And also think about your colours – what looks good on you? Many capsule wardrobe basics are monochrome to provide the greatest flexibility so it’s likely you’ll want to add some pops of colour into the mix. Understand your budget: if you are investing in a few key items, it’s better to buy quality. Sometimes, the clearance bargains are the things that take us off track – the sale is too tempting and we forget about fit, style and practicality.

The great thing about capsule wardrobes is that they can flex for the season. You don’t need to feel you have to shop for every eventuality: work out what you need for now and then go through your planning again a couple of weeks before the next season starts, ready to replace anything that’s not right for the weather and your lifestyle.

And there you have it: a fuss-free wardrobe which will save you time and money and mean you always look dressed to impress!

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Nailing That Fancy Dress Outfit For Comic Relief And Beyond

This month is the one that parents love and dread in equal measures. Yep, it’s probably the time when your kids are going to dress up a good number of times… gee, thanks Comic Relief and World Book Day. Whether you’re buying or making that special outfit, we know it can be a challenge. But, when it’s all done, those pics and smiles make it all worthwhile.

And let’s be honest, aside from these two events, there’s always a time for kids to dress up, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or all the endless parties that seem to come around. That’s why we’ve come up with some quick and easy ways to nail dressing up this March and beyond, whether it’s a full-on outfit, or something more-simple.

1. Shop in advance

World Book Day was a great event. We saw Mario’s, Wonkas and Billionaire Boy. But, hands up who left it last minute and ended up in the shops on the night before? And who decided to order online only for it to arrive and be nothing as described? The key? Think ahead. Many stores stock fancy dress outfits all year round, meaning it’s great to pick one up in the sales, or when one takes your fancy. It’ll save that rush, and double up as a great imaginative play outfit when you’re having a day at home #doubleduty

fancy dress costumes

2. Get Crafty

If you’re stuck with a last- minute request for dress up, don’t despair.  Just think outta the (craft)box. We all have a pair of old tights we don’t wear. Grab them, cut one leg off and stuff it with cotton wool or old papers and mags. Tie a knot at the end and there’s a great animal tail right there. Embellish the look by raiding their craft box for feathers, sequins and, frankly anything you can get your hands on. Then, add the face paints and finish the look with a simple block colour outfit.

child in face paint and blue suite

3. Nailing that Comic Relief Outfit

Here’s a little bit of advance warning. On Friday 15th March, schools up and down the country will be getting into the spirit of Comic Relief and asking kids to dress up for a small donation. And there’s nothing like the present to get prepped. This year it’s all about digging out the reddest t-shirt, hat or silly wig and accessories – including those head boppers. If you don’t fancy going down the official merchandise route, there’s a huge range of stores that sell all the above, from accessories shops, supermarkets and craft stores. Just get your skates on because every parent in the country will be looking for that something red in the next few days.

boy with red teddy bear

4. Be a stress superhero

Ok, so we know this is cheating, but hey, who said you had to play by the fancy dress rules? If you have a kid that hates the idea of dressing up, help them out. A simple mask or cape, whether it’s home made or, bought is a great way to encourage the shy ones to get dressed up without the full shebang. Just team it up with their normal clothes, and Bob’s your uncle there’s some stress-free dress up right there. #yourewelcome.

boy dressed as a super hero

5. Shop sustainably

After World Book Day and Halloween, charity shops are inundated with those costumes that parents had pulled out from the year before, only to find they just didn’t fit their kid. Bad news for us, great news for you as many of these end up at the doors of charity shops. Pop on down and take a look, it may mean you get to grab a fancy dress outfit and be sustainable too!

shop front

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It’s time to spring clean your wardrobe: the season of FUN is here!

You never quite know when it comes to the seasons in the UK but, at this very moment at least, the sun is doing its best to poke through. There are some promising signs of spring, with bulbs starting to peek through the soggy soil and, of course, the resilient and ever-reliable snowdrops are already bobbing their heads.

So, what do brighter days and lighter nights mean for our wardrobes? Well, it’s time to weed out some of the heavier colours and fabrics and embrace the season of choice. But, above all, this spring is all about fun and frivolity.

Oh boy, do the SS19 trends have something great in store for us (if you’ll pardon the pun).

outsized clothes

On the one hand, flowing, unstructured pieces, like the prairie dress, are all the rage, with colour being championed through the use of tie-dye and a sudden flood of what’s being called ‘egg-yolk yellow’.

But, at the same time, the suit is being celebrated with the unmistakable structure of the suit jacket being seen as an influence in many pieces. It seems we’re being invited to play around with styles and looks to our heart’s content.

In the true spirit of springtime fun, bows are playing a massive part in our outfits and accessories, in fact they’re everywhere. This Harper’s Bazaar piece gives us lots of ideas on how to wear them: big, small, in-your-face (or, more precisely, hair) or as subtle as can be. Teamed with this season’s other prerequisite, ruffles, they’re destined to create a floaty, romantic look as we all finally say goodbye to the dark days of winter and embrace the lighter, fun-filled days of spring.

Leopard PrintJust in case you’re not feeling quite that frilly and fancy-free (remember we did say this season is all about choice), here are some great examples of very sensible and sophisticated grown up bows from You magazine.

Finally, if you needed proof that animal print was having more than just a moment, this is it. Not only is it set to stay for SS19, but it’s on the increase. Zebra print and leopard seems particularly popular for spring.

Combine this with feathers, metallics, fringing, mixed patterns and neons, and, of course, those bows and ruffles and there’s no doubt we’re in for a fun and funky spring in the fashion world.

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OK, so we’re traditionalists at heart. Here are some of the more popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas from our love-struck retailers:

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6 alternative ways to spend this 14th February

Valentine’s Day – does it fill you with love or just make you see red? Read on for 6 alternative ways to spend this 14th February.

Often, festivals and seasonal events that started out as deeply rooted belief systems change beyond recognition as time passes.

Imagine what an unromantic life we would lead if Juliet had just texted ‘Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art though? Please switch on your Nearby Friends function’. Or, equally, if Cinderella had just checked in, there would have been no lovestruck Prince on horseback searching the kingdom with a glass shoe…

There’s no doubt the majority of the nation throw themselves whole-heartedly (sorry) into Valentine’s Day with gift sales in 2018 topping £650 million. But it’s not for everyone.

So, we thought, rather than tell you where the reddest roses can be found or who’s got the biggest helium balloon money can buy, we’d give you a feel for some alternative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

  1. Ok, let’s start with those of you who aren’t feeling the love. AT. ALL. If you’ve been through a recent break-up, or fallen out over the washing up, maybe you want to investigate the opportunity to name a cockroach after your ex. Yes, you read that right: Hemsley Conservation Centre in Kent have come up with this alternative form of revenge to raise money for their zoo projects. It’s certainly different, we’ll give them that.
  1. Hands up if you’ve heard the saying “the more people I meet, the more I like my dog”? Well, everyone’s a winner if they attend the Chelsea Farmer’s Market event called Speed Dating With Your Dog. Basically, if your date-for-60-seconds is a little boring, you can just love their dog instead.

woman petting a dog

  1. If you’re more uninspired than uninterested, maybe you could make a day of it and take your significant other out to choose their own present. A bit of quality time browsing in his or her favourite shop, and you’ll end up gifting them something they actually want. What’s not to like about this idea? Then you can both grab a coffee and put your heads together about where to go next.
  1. Have you ever sent a true Valentine’s card? You know, the ones that people aren’t expecting? The anonymous kind? If you’re nervous, consider this: According to the Greeting Card Association, a whopping 25% of all cards sent each year are Valentine’s. So, go for it, everyone else is!
  1. Love cooking together? The Cookery School, London is offering couples the chance to attend a sausage making class over the Valentine’s period. Loved up pairs get to taste sausages from around the world, how to fill different types of sausage, how best to cook them and, of course, taste your results at the end of the class. With the opportunity for puns and double-entendres absolutely brimming over, we’re going to play it safe and just leave that there for you to consider…
  1. Finally, a rocking idea for all those bargain hunters out there. Why not shun 14th February completely and head out, partner in tow, to grab the leftover bargains on 15th February instead? A great way to get a quality gift and drink champagne, probably both at half the price!? And, in actual fact, you won’t be going far wrong as regards honouring Valentine’s Day itself. Back in Roman times, the feast widely believed to have been the forerunner of Valentine’s Day took place on 15th It wasn’t around 496 AD that Pope Gelasius I proclaimed it to be a Christian Festival and changed the date to 14th February.

champagne and presents

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OK, so we’re traditionalists at heart. Here are some of the more popular Valentine’s Day gift ideas from our love-struck retailers:


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Will it or won’t it? Five winter fashion trends that work; snow or no snow

Everything’s super long and luxurious in Winter 2019: scarves that nearly reach your feet, full length winter coats and an ever-practical (did we really just say that about the fashion industry??) 3 to 5 layer look. So, can you make it work whether you’re on the slopes, sledging at home or staring at the sky wondering when the first flakes are going to fall? We say yes – so read on!

1. A long story

Scarves and coats are long, long, long this season. This is great news for the biting wind and potential snowy days ahead as there’s little or no flesh on show here. Being able to wrap up against the elements proves there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

So, go with the flow and simply customise to cope with the weather: long trailing knitwear or wrapped up and cosy; both work equally well.

man and woman in a wood cabin

2. All puffed up

Puffa jackets are still very much with us in 2019 but they’re bigger and more bodacious than ever. Oversized puffas are hugely popular, which is great news if you fancy a duvet day but really have to go out. Wearing one of these is just like taking your bed with you!

There’s a futuristic look emerging too with large collars making a statement of their own and some gorgeous metallic colours to brighten up your winter’s day.

3. Technically, you can wear it anywhere

There’s no doubt about it, clothing is getting clever. With the amount of research and technology that goes into fabrics and design development these days, it’s no surprise that there are styles to suit all conditions. And, because the designers want clothing that’s easy to wear, there’s less and less difference between ‘technical clothing’ and high street styles.

This is all great news for the consumer as it means we don’t need to be heading for the mountains to buy ourselves a high spec ski jacket. In fact, a winter coat purchase is a smart investment especially now that we seem to be seeing more and more extreme weather conditions.

4. Play with layers

The layer look is officially ‘in’ with designers recommending somewhere between 3 and 5 layers. That’s a lot of clothing but, of course, you can mix and match fabrics to create just the right result for the weather. Whowhatwear has some great tips for keeping it trendy with some must-haves, such as a flexible black roll-neck for all occasions and the idea of using jewellery to further enhance your layered look.

Most importantly, stick to one colour palette from head to toe so that your layers hang together. Otherwise you might look like you’ve taken on a ‘wear-all-your-clothes-on-one-day challenge’.

fashionable woman against a blue background

5. Following nature’s example

The rise and rise of faux fur and animal print is a fantastic bonus during the colder seasons. Available in anything from t-shirts to floor-length coats, the patterns are amazing but the faux fur fabric itself is a winner on a cold day. This Vogue article features a wide range of different fabrics on offer this season – leather being another good winter warmer. Be warned though – some outfits are definitely more suited to a windy winter walk than others!

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3 Ways To Beat The January Blues

So, the festivities are over, the lights have been packed away for another year. January can seem quite a dull month in comparison but it’s also a great time for starting a brand new adventure:  taking stock, making new plans and giving yourself some much-needed ‘me time’.

We’ve got some top tips on how to beat the January blues – it’s a whole body and mind project and we can point you in the direction of success.


1. Sleep

Some say it’s overrated, we say it’s an essential element of feeling good and staying healthy. After burning the candle at both ends during December, January is generally quiet so it’s a great time for getting in some extra zzzz’s. But that doesn’t mean we have to be boring, oh no. Take a special trip to your local shopping centre to pick up some lovely new pyjamas (hopefully you’ll get a bargain in the sale) and maybe a new book that you can get stuck into during the dark evenings.

Loungewear is a relatively new clothing category that’s set to take off in AW18-19. Clothing that’s super comfortable but flexible enough to answer the door to the Tesco delivery man is essential for our near-24 hour lifestyle. Consisting of everything from underwear to joggers, loungewear allows real flexibility whether you’re spending the day working from home or just getting an early night.


2. Healthy diet

January is definitely the month-of-detox. How many of you are, or know someone that is, on some sort of healthy eating plan? Whether it’s a week, a month or some new habits for life, health and wellbeing is certainly on the agenda for 2019.

The NHS suggests focusing on a balanced diet – that’s a wide variety of foods in the right proportions. These days, we’re all more aware of the impact food can have on our health and lifestyle and, thankfully, it’s a lot easier to head out and about if you are following a restricted diet this month. Coffee shops always offer a range of different milks, such as almond or coconut. Many cafes and restaurants are happy to cater for gluten free customers and veganism has experienced a boom over the past year or so with the Vegan Society reporting that demand for meat-free food increased by an incredible 987% during 2017.


3. Fitness

You can’t beat fresh air and exercise for lifting the spirits and these cold, crisp winter days are perfect for blowing away the cobwebs. However, with a big freeze predicted for the UK in late January, don’t forget that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Head out and get kitted up at your local sports or outdoors shop and be British about it!

A similar concept to loungewear has also arrived on the sporting scene as we now see lots of clothing choices under the ‘athleisure’ badge. Apparently, some 65% of us will have set ourselves a goal to get fit in 2019 but it’s proven that if you announce your goals, you’re far more likely to achieve them than if you keep them to yourself. What better way to make that statement than by treating yourself to some new togs.

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auritech sleep hearing protectors


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Xmas Bling

Will you be rocking around the Christmas Tree in one of 2018’s best festive outfits?

It’s that time of year: we all want something a little special for our festive gatherings. We’ve discovered that, where Christmas was once the preserve of the BLBD (blingy little black dress), there’s now a much more exciting choice of styles. In 2018, anything goes, so here’s our somewhat musical take on this year’s Christmas styles.

We Three Kings of Gorgeous Print Are

Yes, it’s still all about the statement print in the shops this year. Now joining those wonderful animal prints are geometric patterns and lots of stripes and polka dots, breaking away from the normal blingy black. Harper’s Bazaar has some good inspiration for both patterns and textures in their holiday style tips article.

Christmas jumper

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jumpers all the way

Has anyone noticed that the much-maligned Christmas jumper has finally become a fashion must-have? There’s a huge range of these winter warmers about this year, adorned with everything from baubles to pom-poms or pictures of daschunds, llamas and, er, glasses of gin, apparently.

We’re embracing this evolution of the nerdiest knitwear because it means we can all join in with Christmas Jumper Day and still maintain our style status. Check out some of the best here.

The 12 seasons of Christmas

It seems that we don’t even need to be true to the weather when it comes to festive dress this year. Many fashionistas are repurposing their summer dresses by using tights or fantastically furry ‘trophy jackets’ to stay warm. It’s a great chance to show off any last traces of that tan you worked so hard for and it brings some fun and frivolity to the festivities.


One-sie in Royal David’s City

Ok, don’t panic, we’re actually talking about jump suits here but, you know, there’s only so much you can do with alliteration.

But, oh wow, has the jump suit taken off this season! There are all manner of styles, from brightly coloured to bling-tastic glittering treats. Check out redonline for some of the best.

Christmas in scrabble tiles

We wish you a yellow Christmas?

Just like those inevitable early daffodils who can’t predict the British weather, the lovely geranium yellow that’s set to brighten our Spring 2019 high streets has arrived already. Say goodbye to monochrome and embrace this gorgeous flash of colour to brighten the shortest, darkest day.

And, if you need any more convincing that ‘yellow’ and ‘snow’ in the same sentence can be a good thing, here’s Kendall Jenner modelling that very trend.

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Stuck for Christmas stocking fillers?

Stockings are an age-old tradition, often filled with traditional gifts such as fruit, small wooden toys or coins. So how come we struggle each year to know what to fill them with?

There’s an old custom which says you should fill a Christmas stocking with gifts that appeal to each of the five senses: sight, taste, touch, sound, smell. What a fun shopping trip this could mean:  this year, why not set yourself the challenge to find gifts that make noises, smell lovely or feel unusual?

These days, real stockings are actually inadequate for the type and size of presents that we like to give at Christmas. Many children are lucky enough to receive pillowcases or huge, personalised Santa sacks filled with larger gifts.

One thing’s for sure, despite the wide range of different traditions undertaken on Christmas Eve, they all come back to one thing: enjoying the look in the eyes of a loved one when they find their surprises on Christmas morning.

Here are some inspired stocking filler ideas for Christmas 2019:

christmas present

Green, eco-friendly stockings!

Given our current knowledge and concern about plastic polluting our planet, why not try creating an ‘ethical stocking’ for the kids? Think wood, paper or other natural materials. In fact, no matter their age, it’s easier than you’d think to fill a stocking with environmentally friendly gifts.

We think presents such as pretty bathroom gifts, cotton socks or beautiful little notebooks made from sustainable paper sources would be lovely gifts for any age.


Blue Stockings for him

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for at Christmas or any time but we think it’s a challenge worth accepting!

Of course, vouchers are always an option, fit nicely into a stocking and can offer him a little more choice when it comes to the final present choice.

And what about his favourite cuppa? There’s every chance your local coffee shop will sell their beans along with a nice travel mug so he can have a hot drink wherever he goes. That’s the ultimate winter warmer!

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, check out men’s magazine website, for more ideas.

Pink Stockings for her

Girls and women are potentially easier to buy for, especially as there’s no end of pretty little trinket presents in the shops right now. But what if you wanted to get something more useful?

How about a makeover? Your local chemist, department store or beauty therapist is bound to sell vouchers so why not give then the gift of a great new look? Perfectly sized for the stocking, it’ll be something for them to look forward to in dreary January.

Remember the theme of the five senses? Some beautiful hand, body or face cream could fulfil almost all of these in one go – smelling healthy and clean, with a beautiful soft touch to it, and they get to feast their eyes on the results.  Add a pretty box of Christmas cookies, and you’ve covered taste as well!

For more inspiration and to find a selection of gift ideas priced from £7 to well over £700, check out the research done by The Telegraph.

christmas cookie

Red stockings that say ‘I Love You’!

Finally, for all you lovebirds, what to buy for your better half this Christmas?

Joint presents can be tricky as it’s hard to find something that appeals to both people but that’s not to say you can’t get presents that help you to share time together. How about showing the world you’re two halves of a whole by getting some matching chunky jumpers or his and hers woolly hats and scarves?

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a beautiful throw to snuggle under while you watch this year’s Christmas TV. Christmas-themed or a year round pattern, there are lots of amazing fabrics and homewares out there right now.

Make it a shopping trip to kick off Christmas for the pair of you – head out to your local shopping centre and take in the amazing lights and vibrant window displays and then head home for some Christmas baking and a snuggle on the sofa – but no opening that fluffy penguin throw before Christmas Eve!

xmas present

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Becoming by  Michelle Obama – £12.50





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2019 Lifestyle trends just around the corner

It’s nearly the end of 2018 and, as ever, so much has happened in a year that’s positively whizzed by.

We’ve seen a landmark decision on animal skins as major fashion houses choose fake over fur; social media is awash with horrific accounts of plastic pollution, advancing the sustainable agenda yet further; and October saw a hugely impactful report on climate change which told us we have 12 years to make considerable changes to our lifestyles to stem the damage to the environment.

With all this going on, and no sign of our interest in fashion and interior design waning, what does it mean for 2019’s trends?

Flexible and multi-functional

Our society is seeing less and less of the old nine-to-five routine as working from home, remote teams and virtual offices take off. Fashion is predicted to follow suit with an innovative mix of formal and relaxed wear – athleisure – hitting the high streets during SS19. Think oversized blazers teamed with joggers, bringing an element of power-dressing to our lives outside of the office.

And, as a nod to the ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ mantra, we want more flexibility and functionality from our clothing too. In some cases, this means clothing that can adapt to our unpredictable seasons – think coats with interchangeable linings and even heaters! Yes, you read that right: down jackets from Ravean come with a 12v battery, which can be used to heat your jacket or charge your phone.

eco wear

Building a sustainable future

It’s no surprise that the fashion world is keen to clean up its act. Consumers want to be more responsible and lifestyles are changing, requiring more choice in materials.

Sustainable fabrics and vegan alternatives are both predicted to become more widely available in the fashion and cosmetics worlds with faux fur, synthetic silk and animal-free leather being among the innovative new ideas.

Dubbed ‘eco-fashion’, this movement involves clothing producers considering the impact of their processes and products on the world around them; in turn allowing their consumers to do the same. Organic cotton is now favoured by many brands, and is increasingly complemented by other eco-friendly fabrics, such as Tencel (made from wood-pulp), hemp and bamboo.

Plant-based products – the seed of an idea

plant based fashion

Skincare has long had a happy association with botanicals but, with our knowledge of the impact of toxins on our planet, it’s likely that plant-based products will start to overtake their more mainstream competitors, which are becoming ever harder to justify.

The rise and rise of the vegan trend is also pushing the plant-based agenda hard and veganism is by no means limited to food: take a look at this fabulous website for news of all things plants and eco, including garments made from spider silk and handbags made from plastic bottles.

Sticking with Style

With all these issues on the fashion agenda, you’ll be pleased to know there’s no let-up in creativity and design for SS19. Our clothes remain as inspirational as ever, with bright colours being a particular focus for the new year. According to Elle Magazine, we can expect to get very frilly with our evening wear and take a trip down memory lane, with both tie-dye and neon enjoying a resurgence in our shop windows. The key colour for the season is set to be a cheerful marigold yellow – certainly something to bring us cheer and hope for a bright future on planet Earth.

marigold yellow boots

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