Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice

This October we’re excited about pumpkin spiced lattes, walks in the falling autumn leaves, home-cooked food and Halloween. Autumn is when the last of the summer fruits have been picked and we see apples falling from trees right into bobbing basins, mushrooms in the woods and the harvest (and carving) of pumpkins.

If you’ve been inspired by the London Marathon, we have tips for setting fitness goals – we recommend hitting the park for a run or bike ride. The beautiful colours make it even more exhilarating, so why not make the most of the mild weather before winter arrives?

And we know it feels as though the children have only just settled back at school but it’s almost half-term so let’s share Halloween ideas too!

Spooky Style This October

Pumpkin carving

Set the scene for spooky celebrations this month. Whether you’re crafting kids costumes or getting creative with pumpkin carving, discover everything you need for fright night at the centre. Get into the spirit of the spooky season with quirky decor from Poundland.

  • Bobbing for apples is a Halloween tradition. All you need is a tub, water, and—you guessed it—apples.
  • Create a fun, ghostly atmosphere at home with lanterns, cobwebs and LED candles. Hang a wreath, string up lights, and display pumpkins.
  • Parents and older teens might love a horror movie night! From monsters and slashers to haunted hotels, there are plenty of classics to pick from!

Goodbye BBQ, Hello Comfort Food

seasonal autumn fruits and vegetables

Out with the salads and in with the soups, pies and crumbles. This layered potato pie is great for chilly nights. It’s ideal for a fish fan, meat-lover or make it vegetarian or vegan with your choice of fillings.

From Tesco you’ll need:

  • 1kg potatoes (4 -6 people)
  • A large ovenproof dish
  • Any three of the following:
  • Ham or minced beef
  • Tuna or peeled cooked prawns
  • Carrots, peas, sweetcorn, leeks, baked beans or mixed beans

Here’s how to throw it all together:

  • Decide what fillings you would like (and if needed cook whilst potatoes are on)
  • Mash the potato (or cheat we won’t judge)
  • Put a layer of mash in the dish, add first filling
  • Add a layer of mash, add second filling
  • Add a layer of mash, add third filling plus a final layer of mash
  • Top with optional slices of peppers, tomato or chorizo
  • Sprinkle added extras on top – dried parsley, chilli flakes, breadcrumbs or grated cheese
  • Cook for 20 minutes at 220°C or until golden brown

Serve with French bread and butter, or depending on fillings add gravy or baked beans.

Fall In Love With Fitness

trainers on autumn leaves

How often have you set yourself a goal, been motivated on day one, then days later fallen off the bandwagon? Whatever your motivation, get kitted out with fitness supplies from Sports Direct and follow these tips to get started.


Set realistic goals

Don’t throw yourself in at the deep end with your end goal. Losing five stone or running a marathon can take months to reach. Break your final goal down into smaller monthly goals. For example ‘lose 2lbs’ or ‘run 2km more this month.’ 

Understand motivation fluctuates

Accept that motivation will fluctuate and your new routine won’t always go to plan. Don’t beat yourself up, keep mainly consistent with your exercise and you will see results.

Be accountable to your goals

You can either be accountable to yourself or to someone else. If you’re not self-motivated, tell a friend your goal. Check-in with them regularly to keep yourself on track.


It’s important to celebrate success and reward yourself. You’ve made big changes so celebrate each kg you lose or every extra bit you run. A glass of wine every now and then at The Crown & Cushion never hurt anyone!

We hope we have given you some style ideas for October, and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Warmer Style For The Colder Weather

Summer may be on the way out, but there is still plenty to get excited about – including National Chocolate Week and all those cosy evenings spent at home!

So, get excited for our look at the October hair and makeup trends, ideas for nights in and plenty more besides.

Get The October Look

women with red lipstick red jumper

Get ready to welcome the autumn season in good style. Just as a great leather jacket can transform your autumn outfits, these makeup looks will make a serious statement.

Berry Lips

Deep lips are always on-trend, and berry tones are universally flattering. Look at any beauty magazine and you will see that the berry lip has reinvented itself as a transitional shade, transcending seasons, meaning that when you find your perfect berry shade (we love Boots No7 colours), you’ll get year-round wear.

Bordeaux Lips

If berry isn’t your thing, why not bring some wine to your lips? Rich burgundy lipstick pairs perfectly with black mascara. Use a lip liner to keep the pigment from feathering. Check out the MAC collection in Boots.

Highlighted Skin

Unlike contouring, which has gradually been disappearing from our radar, highlighting is a great way to emphasise the points of your face where the light hits. Add highlighter to your Cupid’s bow, cheekbones and brow to give your skin a naturally gorgeous finish. Bodycare has a good selection of makeup. 

Chocolate Lovers

chocolates in hands

National Chocolate Week starts on October 14th! At Peacock’s Café we will be swapping our Cappuccino for a Mocha this week!

Did you know the first chocolate bar was invented in 1847 by Joseph Fry? As a trained doctor, he was convinced of its health-giving properties and saw it as a nutritious alternative to alcohol! If only.

To celebrate, there’s plenty you can do at home. Why not host your own tasting evening? It can be as simple as trying chocolate from a new country or getting creative and curating your own selection of bars from Tesco.

Choose a classic dark chocolate. Next, look for milk chocolate – a high cocoa content milk chocolate will provide more of a ‘cocoa hit’ without the bitterness of dark chocolate. But don’t forget white chocolate for the sweeter teeth amongst your friends and families!

You could also celebrate with the kids and try an afternoon of chocolate truffle making or create a chocolate mug cake in under ten minutes. But if you’re after a no-mess celebration, the chocolate cakes at Pound Bakery and Greggs will tantalise your taste buds. Oh, and don’t forget to treat the kids to chocolate milkshakes from McDonald’s this half term!

Cosy Night At Home

hot drink with book on tray

With the nights drawing in and a noticeable chill in the air, cosy nights are back in vogue.

  • Get comfy. One of the most important things about having a cosy night in is comfort, so treat yourself to an oversized hoodie from Sports Direct.
  • Stock up on snacks. No cosy night at home is complete without your favourite snacks from
  • Discover a good book – there’s plenty of choice in WHSmith. If you like good thriller try A Slow Fire Burning by The Girl On The Train author, Paula Hawkins.
  • Enjoy a pamper night at home. Bodycare has some great pamper products, as does Poundland. You might even find a chocolate face pack at Boots.
  • Finally, fill your favourite mug with hot chocolate. Marshmallows optional!

With all of these ideas for October just waiting to be tried, the colder weather doesn’t seem so bad after all, eh?