Stylish September

The most popular birthday in the UK is September 26th, so the chances are you know someone celebrating this month. That’s why we’re sharing memorable birthday ideas. With the annual Macmillan coffee mornings taking place, we explore the Swedish tradition of Fika, taking a break and relaxing over a drink or snack with others. Finally, with many of us returning to more normal routines, we suggest steps to take to reduce separation anxiety when leaving your pampered pooches at home.

Home Alone – Pet Parent Tips

Now the world is opening up again, could you spot the signs of separation anxiety in your pets? Changes in behaviour are common indicators. Coping mechanisms can include excessive barking, destruction near doors and windows, accidents, pacing and decreased appetite. To see how they behave when alone set up an indoor camera.

Unpredictability stresses dogs but routines help them cope. If you know change is coming, slowly introduce your pet to the idea of alone time. Take short trips without your dog and leave out Poundland treats and toys.

Before leaving home, set up a cosy, inviting space where they can’t destroy items or try to escape. Prior to leaving, engage your pet with a walk, or do some trick training, they might even sleep while you’re out!

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

coffee and mince pie

It’s the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with Macmillan Cancer Support on 24th September. Hosting a fun coffee morning and support a great cause. Pick up coffee supplies from Tesco, herbal teas from Grape Tree and baked treats from Greggs and Pound Bakery.

Fika is the Swedish custom of enjoying a coffee and cake with others. Some companies have a Fika clause in their contracts, because it’s therapeutic, promotes wellbeing and productivity. The properties and positive effects of caffeine on the body and mind include:

  • Physical wellbeing – Sitting for hours on computers isn’t healthy so if you’re homeworking break for coffee.
  • Relieves irritability – Taking a break from your desk relieves stress and tension.
  • Colleague collaboration – Take workplace coffee breaks to discuss work worries in a relaxed manner.

Coffee catch-ups are sociable – Fika with friends at Peacocks cafe or Massarella’s. No washing-up afterwards!

Party Like It’s Your Birthday

birthday decorations

After the cards hit the recycling, our tips will ensure the birthday person has memories to cherish.

Texting is nice but it just doesn’t hold birthday candle to something special. We love this September birthday rainbow card from Card Factory. You can customise it online and get free first class delivery. While there pick up lettered or numbered helium balloons for that special touch and Card Factory inflate them for free (phew)!

Whether you’re planning a surprise, or your own celebrations, accessories from Poundland makes things easy!

Real ales and dinner at The Crown & Cushion might be a good option for the man in your life. Stuck for the perfect gift? Treat him to trainers or a sports shirt from Sports Direct. For the special lady in your life, Warren James is a gem! For your BFF gift, get creative making your own hamper. Simply fill a gift box with pamper products from Boots and Bodycare. We’ve all forgotten about a birthday, fear not WHSmith is a great one-stop shop.

What’s more fun than opening presents? Finding them! For a birthday scavenger just hide gifts and clues throughout the home. Don’t forget the cake from Tesco’s!

That’s All, Folks!

We hope we have given you some style ideas for September, and we look forward to seeing you soon. The safety and comfort of our customers remains important. We would like to remind our customers that the use of face coverings is still recommended, to protect yourself and others throughout the centre. #ShoppingSafe


September In Bloom

September is a time for new beginnings and if you are looking to start a new creative hobby, we take a look at the simple yet effective craft of journaling. Think September means it’s time to pack away your secateurs for the year? Think again! If you’re green in the garden and not green fingered, we have some tips for the garden this month. And if you’re heading off to university, how can you create a student room with style? From bedding to decorations, we show you how to deck those halls!

A student room with style!

A nice living room

Let’s face it. Student rooms and shared houses aren’t pretty. The walls are plain, the curtains are in weird patterns and let’s not talk about the state of those carpets! Whether you’re a fresher, or a returning student renting a house, decorating your own space to make it feel like home is easy.

So, to bed Stylish bedding is a great start to introduce colour to your room. For a cosy vibe, dress your bed with a chunky throw.

Store while you snore In a small student room you’ll want to make the most of your space with storage solutions. Your desk will also need organisation. We recommend coming prepared with a magazine rack, a pen pot and an in-tray from WHSmith.

Let there be light A lamp is essential not only to show off your taste, but for that late night studying. Fairy lights can liven up a bare-walled room. Plus, fairy light curtains look amazing over windows.

Added extras

You don’t need to be green fingered to manage a houseplant if you consider cacti, aloe vera and spider plants. Not ready to become a plant-parent? Fake plants require zero watering!

Sweet smell of success

Candles and diffusers make a room smell fabulous. Visit Poundland for budget-friendly candles. Perfect for your relaxing haven.

Finally, don’t forget to check out Tesco for cutlery and pans!

Get organised, focused and creative with journaling

A diary open at september

With winter nights (sorry) looming, September is a great time to start a new hobby and we recommend journaling.  With mindfulness a growing focus in the UK, the use of journaling is growing in popularity, with searches for journals up 18% on craft websites.

Bullet Journaling uses a bullet point structure to keep on top of all your tasks. It’s designed to be quick, easy and creative! Your bullet journal gives you a birds-eye view of your tasks, work and social commitments and goals.

Use your journal to unleash your inner creative with lists, books to read, recipes and brainstorming. The creative personalisation will take your mind off worries and is perfect for mindfulness.

You can splash out on a fancy journal from WHSmith or grab a plain notebook. Stock up on highlighters, stickers and washi tape too!   


  • When adding tasks into any sections, split them out as follows: Bullet point for Tasks, circles for Events and an asterisk for important!
  • Get yourself a bookmark to easily access main sections.
  • Sticky notes are great for reusing pages. Say you want to brainstorm ideas for a birthday party? Use a selection of post-it notes to scribble your ideas on. Once you’ve decided remove the notes ready for your next brainstorm.

What to sow and grow this September


September might be peak harvest time, but there’s still plenty to do.

Vegetables and herbs

Sow salad leaves for quick crops and sow turnip seeds into well-prepared beds for small roots. If you have been growing herbs, now is the time to pot up mint and parsley for the kitchen windowsill.

Flower power

Continue to feed and deadhead hanging basket and containers. This time of year, you are planting for spring flowering bulb displays with flowers like Crocus, Narcissi and Alliums.

From the sofa

Grab that journal and plan next year’s garden with a sketch of your borders and vegetable plot.


Back to school must-haves!

Time flies when you’re having fun, and that’s never truer than over the summer holidays.

September will be here before you know it, and whether your child is starting school or returning for another year, it’s important that they’re well prepared for the new term. From uniforms to stationery supplies, we’ve rounded up the ‘back to school’ must-haves!

We’ve also put together a tonne of tips for people heading back to the office or continuing to work from home who are looking to build a simple (capsule) wardrobe.

And, because summer is nearly over, we’ve pulled together our favourite feel-good style hacks so you’ll be ready for anything Autumn throws at you!

Back to Skool School!

‘Back to school’ season is almost here, which means it’s time to stock up on essentials.

In all the chaos that comes with the new school year – it’s easy to miss something along the way. We’ve put together a basic checklist to ensure your child is properly prepared for the new school year.

Uniform: Head to Sports Direct for all your PE kit items. They have all the essentials for gym and after school classes. Visit Shoe Zone and Wards Shoes for new shoes, you might even be able to find a scuff-resistant pair to survive the playground!

Stationery: Poundland has a collection of fun and colourful pencil cases. What’s a pencil case without pens and pencils? Check out WHSmith for pens, notebooks and other essentials.

Back to the office in style

A woman with a mug that has like a boss written on it

If you’re heading back to the office soon, will you throw on those old clothes? If your workwear is in need of an update, a capsule wardrobe (a limited selection of interchangeable clothing pieces that complement each other) can be a great start to make you feel stylish and ready for anything!

Clothing priorities have changed in the past 18 months, so we suggest starting with a few key items to build your work capsule wardrobe:

An oversized blazer – A blazer elevates a simple outfit like a T-shirt and jeans, but can also be layered over skirts or midi dresses for office wear. If you like colours, a bright blazer can really lift the spirits.

A chic skirt – There’s a reason a black pencil skirt is a classic office wardrobe staple. Style a pencil skirt with an on-trend shirt print to start the week in style.

Trouser time – When the weather changes, play with different cuts to go to work. From cigarette trousers to culottes, find what works for you. Wear with a T-shirt for a casual look, and add a blazer for that all-important meeting.

T-time – A basic T-shirt is one of the easiest and most versatile wardrobe staples, and is also a staple business-casual item. It works well with a statement jacket or trousers.

Midi Wrap Dress – Plain or floral? Black or bright? Comfortable and easy to wear, picking a wrap dress is like after-work drinks at The Crown and Cushion – it’s hard to go for just one!

For jewellery head to Warren James – look for pieces that can be worn daily, but cool enough that they stand out. When it comes to shoes, invest in a pair of flat ballet pumps, ankle boots or knee-high boots and coloured heels – these will go with all your capsule wardrobe staples! Take a look at Shoe Zone for your autumn footwear.

These tips should stop you stressing over your back to work outfits, and give yourself more time to pick up a coffee from Peacocks Café from The Pavements on the way to work!

Or, treat yourself to some delicious artisan bread from Cawa and enjoy it with a lovely cup of coffee in the outside seating area.

Home Office Inspiration – How to create your ideal desk

A home office

If you’re working from home it is time to say hello to the hot desk! There’s never been a better time to ditch the dining room table (or sofa / bed / kitchen worktop) and create a working space to call your own.

If space or budget is limited, take a look at stylish ladder desks. If you have more space, consider a corner unit or even an ergonomic standing desk. Don’t forget a comfy yet stylish office chair!

Once you have your dedicated working area, create a harmonious atmosphere with soothing scents and faux plants from Poundland. Why not invest in a sleek desk trinket to make yourself a cool, inspirational place to work? Check out The British Heart Foundation and Mencap charity shops for that unique desk decoration.

Finally, don’t forget to add lighting to your desk space and a selection of colourful notebooks from WHSmith. Keep your desk tidy with folders and storage.

We hope we have given you some late summer style ideas and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Shop safe

The safety and comfort of our customers remains important. The rules have changed; face coverings are no longer mandatory in the shopping centre. However, we would still recommend the use of face coverings in the centre to protect yourself and others. #ThankYou


Trust Us, Your Local Shopping Centre.

Being your local shopping centre, we think it’s important that all our loyal customers trust and feel safe when visiting the centre for a little R&R.

We understand that restrictions are easing and there is (fingers crossed) more to come with how we can celebrate special events or milestone occasions with our nearest and dearest. However, we’d like shoppers to remember that your safety is our priority…

Want to know what we’re doing to ensure optimum protection? Keep reading.

Walk This Way…

When you come to visit us at Chesterfield Pavements, you’ll notice new signs in the shops and around the centre, like the new restrictions on how to use our lifts and escalators. Plus, there are extra safety measures in place so you’re able to keep a 2-metre distance when ordering your favourite drink or pastry from Peacocks Café or Greggs for example. #ShopSafe

Sanitise, Sanitise!

In every store, from Card Factory to ShoeZone or The Fragrance Shop, you’ll find a bottle of sanitiser that you’ll be able to use before browsing through the aisles.

By keeping your hands clean with antibacterial gel, or even by popping t the centre’s toilets and giving them a quick wash, means that you’ll be killing pesky germs and protecting yourself and others from catching anything nasty. You know the drill!

Although, if you’d rather purchase your own little bottle to keep in your bag or pocket, pop to Boots or Tesco to pick one up.

Face Masks Are a Must…

We think that facemasks will stick around for the foreseeable… Even if the government says that all is ‘back to normal’, we think many individuals will keep facemasks a part of their capsule wardrobe. And of course, if you’re exempt from wearing a facemask, we understand.

So, if you’re part of the ‘Masks to Remain’ crowd, then be sure to stock up on a few more to get you through the rest of the year. If you didn’t know, you can actually buy facemasks to match your little one from Poundland, fun styles from WHSmith and even sporty ones from Sports Direct. #FacemaskForEveryDay

Book or be Booted!

We’re only kidding, you probably won’t be booted away if you haven’t secured a booking for a local restaurant or cinema trip. BUT it is best to book if you can do. For example, we’d suggest making a booking to get a spot at Market Fish & Chips – just so you don’t miss out on a time that works best for you! 😊

It also ensures that store managers know how many people to expect for the day and can process the required safety measures, as necessary.

We hope that this Style article has reassured you of the centre’s safety, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. #TimeToShop #SafetyFirst


Staycations Vs Vacations!

We’ve seen April 12th roll by, then May 17th came around quicker than we could say ‘dining indoors, and now June is on our doorsteps and we’re awaiting the news from good ol’ Boris come the 21st.

But we’ve noticed a lot of chatter around staying home for the summer holidays (again), or whether individuals will brave the current climate and hop on a plane to somewhere sunnier… Are you in two minds? Same here!

As your local shopping centre, we’re here to inspire readers with whatever decision they make. We’ll be going through activities you can enjoy during June and beyond if you’re not jetting off – plus, ideas on what to prepare if you are planning on having some fun in the sun.

Staying in the UK?

If you’ve opted to stay in the country this summer, there’s still plenty for you and your kiddies to enjoy! All the activities highlighted in the link here are ones hosted in our beloved Chesterfield.

The link above offers a super simple guide to what’s on for children and families over the next few months. From painting pots activities to sports centres and aqua park, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and we know the kids will LOVE spending time with their parents and besties alike.

We particularly like the idea of a day of petting our favourite animals at Matlock Farm Park, finished with a fun evening at Chesterfield bowl! Be sure to scroll through the entire list, there’s so much on offer! #TimeToHaveFun

If we’ve tempted you to stay in the UK for your summer hols, click the link to find out more and book your trips out today! Don’t forget to grab cosy clothes and even comfier shoes to complete these activities from Sports Direct and ShoeZone. Remember, it’s best to be prepared!

And not just this, we think it’s a fabulous idea to pop to Tesco and Poundland to grab fun activities that you can set up to do at home. From water slides to paddling pools and mini-inflatable bouncy castles, the kids will feel like they’re on holiday either way – as long as the UK weather holds up!

Treats at the Centre!

Look, everyone LOVES going on holiday, but the pandemic has put a couple of bumps in the road to say the least!).

So, if you want to save a few pennies, or don’t feel 100% to travel abroad yet, then there’s still LOADS of fun things to do when you next visit the centre. Here are just a few:

  • Enjoy with friends, or family to an evening at the flicks. Be sure to choose a good movie to watch and grab those essential snacks from Tesco or healthier bits from GrapeTree.
  • Enjoy takeaway treats from one of our many cafes. Whether pastries from Pound Bakery, homely comforts from Peacocks Café or sweet treats from Greggs. (Our favourites are their Yum Yums!). A sugary pit-stop, once you’ve finished shopping at the centre, is just what’s needed for a fun evening ahead.
  • For the kiddies, we’ve got activities and toys galore. WHSmith and Poundland have plenty of offers on at the mo, so you’ll be able to find something to take home for them to enjoy!

‘Seas the Day’

If you and your loved ones are going to ‘seize the day’ by swanning off on your holi-bobs, then we’re here to inspire you with all the essentials you’ll need to pack.

Suitcase essentials MUST include:
– The right clothing, from undies to tank tops! We’d recommend popping to Sports Direct and Tesco.
– The toiletries. Get your toothbrush, moisturisers, and makeup at the ready. Here is where you can grab the goods: Has to be Boots for us.
– SUN CREAM. Grab a bottle (or three) from Bodycare or Boots.
– Mini first aid kit, you know, just in case! We’d recommend getting stocked up on allergy medicines from Tesco too.
– And lastly, all your electronics, from chargers to protective cases. We think Top Gift is your best bet. 😊

It’s time for you to tick everything off of your list! *high five*

Now we’ll await for more information on the 21st June and whether or not more holidays abroad become a popular theme for 2021. Whatever you plan on doing this Summer, we hope we’ve helped inspire you! Remember to #ShopSafe when visiting the centre – we look forward to seeing you soon.


Mental Health Awareness in May

We know we’ve got lots to look forward to when it comes to the month of May (and beyond), but we need to remember the important stuff, like our mental health. Not always widely spoken about, but COVID-19 and the endless lockdowns have affected us all, however big or small. So, as your local and trustworthy shopping centre, we wanted to lend a helping hand for whenever you need one.

We’ll be talking about tips on how to talk to those who are suffering with their mental health, making sure you check in on loved and inspirational books to get your head in gear for a successful year ahead (plus more!).

Nature Is the New Theme!

Mental Health Awareness Week starts on the 10th of May and ends on the 16th, and as part of the week, the Mental Health Foundation have decided that ‘Nature’ is the theme for 2021.

Clever yet obvious! Access to nature has been crucial for millions of people during Lockdowns 1, 2 and 3. Individuals have re-discovered their love for local parks, simple beauties like running streams and long stretches of green countryside.

If you’d like to get involved in this charity or learn more, you can sign up to their newsletter by clicking here: https://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/newsletter

We also think pencilling in a leisurely stroll with your nearest and dearest would be a great idea. Friendly chat, optional hot chocolate and Fitbit on full blast! This way you can get your 10k steps in whilst talking about anything that’s been on your mind. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!

If you’re in need of a watch to track your steps or new clothes to stay cosy on walks and runs, we’d suggest popping to Sports Direct, Shoezone and even Tesco’s. Now that the centre has re-opened fully, we’d like to remind our customers to still wear their facemasks and to keep a safe distance from others when visiting.

Time to Talk…

Reaching out to friends or family members that may be suffering from mental health can be difficult. Regardless, you should always make the effort to check in and see how they’re doing… We’ve got a few tips for those who feel they may need it:

  • Set aside time with no distractions. Be sure to choose a time that works for both of you, so you’re not interrupted! Plus, providing an open space with no judgements is a must. (Tea and biscuits are optional!).
  • Talk about ways of de-stressing or how to practice self-care. This could involve exercise, getting a good night’s sleep or having a little fun with DIY facemasks one evening. (Plus, it’s just an overall mood booster!).
  • Always ask how you can help. Such a simple gesture can show just how much you care and willingness to listen. If their mental health isn’t something that’s up for discussion right now, it’s fine! If they know there’s a friend they can lean on, they’ll talk to you when they’re ready.

Want to set up a few activities for when you next see a loved one? We’ve got tonnes of ideas! Grab a new recipe books from WHSmith and unleash your inner Nigella Lawson.

Pick up circuit training equipment from Sports Direct – we’re talking weights, yoga mats or even a hula-hoop (a 30-minute sesh will get your heart pumping!).

Or pop to Poundland and get your arts and crafts on! You could choose a scrapbook, stock up on glitter, glue, paint and start to create your own picture book full of memories.

Practice Positive Self-Talk!

This is an important factor for us all! We tend to be our own worst critics, so giving ourselves a little affirmation from time to time will do you the world of good.

Research shows that even a small shift in the way you talk to yourself can influence your ability to control your feelings and thoughts, especially when you’re under stress.

An example could be instead of saying, ‘ugh I totally messed that up’, you could say ‘I’ll try that again, just a different way!’.

Or start using sticky notes! Simply write down a few positive quotes or qualities that you love about yourself, like: ‘You’re going to ace today’, ‘Your smile is amazing’. We know, it sounds cheesy, but it’ll be the best thing to see first thing in the morning stuck to your bathroom mirror!

Think this would work for you? Head to WHSmith to pick up the essentials. Be sure to get colourful pens to write your positive words in.

Books to Inspire You

Reading your thing? Check out these inspirational reads to get you in the right mindset to smash 2021!

  • You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero
  • Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… And Maybe The World by William H. McRaven
  • Smarter, Faster, Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg
  • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth
  • Choose Yourself by James Altucher

Be sure to grab new reads from Chesterfield Library, WHSmith or from Tesco’s. Now that the centre has re-opened fully, we’d like to remind our customers to still wear their facemasks and to keep a safe distance from others when visiting.

Treating Yourself Is Important!

Although you should always take the time out for a little TLC, you know, long bubble baths, Friday night treats from Market Fish & Chips or Pound Bakery and yoga sessions during lunch breaksTreating yourself with something you’ve had your eye on after completing a project at work or finishing the week on a positive note, even though you’ve been overwhelmed, is needed!!

Seeing as our stores have re-opened, why not create a wish list of all the things that have caught your eye and #ShopTilYouDrop when you’re next at the centre! First on our list is facemasks from Boots, baking utensils from Tesco or even a new fragrance from The Fragrance Shop. (The list goes on…).

From everyone here at Chesterfield Pavements, we’re hoping we’ve inspired you to keep positive and to help those suffering with mental health whenever you can. We’re looking forward to seeing many more faces at the centre, keeping in mind that we should all #ShopSafe when out and about. #SeeYouSoon


We’re Back and Better Than Ever!

For what seemed like years in lockdown, the dust has finally settled and we’re back to normality (kind of!). The centre is open and there’s a lot more to look forward to as the month of May continues. Whether it’s eating IN your favourite restaurants again, the re-opening of cinemas or other leisure activities and spaces to keep your kiddies occupied come the weekend or half-terms! Come on, who’s excited?!

3, 2, 1 – ACTION.

You’ll be super excited, movie buffs… Cinemas will be re-opening come May 17th and it will be popcorn, hot dogs and ice-cream cones galore. We think it’s a super idea if you come to pick up all your favourite snacks and enjoy chowing down with the kids (or your friends) at your local cinema. Be sure to pop into Tesco, Poundland or WHSmith (perf for traditional choccy bars!) to grab a few naughty treats.

We’d like to remind our customers to wear their face masks when visiting the centre and to still keep a safe distance where possible. #StillInThisTogether

Get Ready for Fun!

This one’s more for the children, but parents you’ll also be pleased to know that as May rolls on, leisure activities like soft play and indoor fun spaces will be opening their doors for kids everywhere to enjoy space running around and just letting loose. (All being as safe as possible of course!).

Many places will require you to book in advance, so don’t forget to do so before rocking up as a walk-in. Booking systems are great because businesses will be able to limit the amount of people coming in and therefore keeping everyone safe in the process. Don’t forget to grab a hand sanitiser bottle from Boots for your trip out. #HandsFaceSpace

Mums and dads, be sure to grab a coffee (and optional sweet treat) from Pound Bakery before you head out on your day of fun. #CoffeeFuel #LetTheFunBegin

We’d like to add that if you’re getting ready for a day of activities, then you better be prepared with cosy clothes. Pop to Sports Direct, Shoezone and Tesco to grab a comfortable tracksuit and shoes to match. #ShopSafe

We’d like to remind our customers to wear their face masks when visiting the centre and to still keep a safe distance where possible. #StillInThisTogether

Time to Eat…

Now, this must be the best news of May all together! Although we’ve been able to dine Al Fresco for the last few weeks, from 17th May, we’ll FINALLY be allowed to eat IN our favourite restaurants. Not only this, but after a long day shopping at Chesterfield Pavements, there’s nothing better than popping into somewhere for yummy food, right? To be honest we’ve been craving creamy pasts dishes from an authentic Italian and warming stews from the local pub!

And yes… you’re right! This means you’ll finally be able to make a coffee pitstop at Peacocks Café or Greggs while you’re shopping at the centre. We know, we’ve missed having 10-minute shopping breaks with a tasty tea or freshly brewed cup of joe… #May17Pending

Everyone here at Chesterfield Pavements are so happy that we’ve been able to open our doors once again – we’ll keep our fingers crossed that the positive vibes continue as 2021 continues. Please remember to shop safe and to enjoy your time when visiting. See you soon!


Free Lateral Flow Tests From Boots

Boots are now offering lateral flow test kits, free to pick up, even if you have no symptoms.


Back Garden Makeover on A Budget

Seeing as Spring has sprung and our UK ‘Summer’ is just around the corner, we thought a few tips on how to get your back garden spruced up while remaining on a budget would make a fun task on the weekends leading up to May, June and beyond.

Ready to get your DIY creative cap on? Let’s go!

Build A DIY Deck or Patio

Remodel your back garden with a little deck or patio! This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a huge space to work with either… A little corner of the garden will be just fine! A feature like this will offer instant wow-factor to your home, plus – will probably add re-sale value. You can even adorn the area with cute chairs and a little table.

Need a little inspiration? Check out Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube videos before beginning!

Be sure to visit the centre to pick up any equipment you may need. We’d recommend popping to Tesco or your local hardware store.

We’d like to remind our customers that even though more stores have opened up at the centre, that you should still be wearing your mask and keeping a safe distance where possible.

Let’s Talk Tree Benches

Have a big tree in the garden that looks a little bare? We’ve got the perfect solution! Give that tree a makeover by constructing a tree bench to go around it. When you’re finished you can paint it and add a few decorative accessories! We’re talking cute new pillows, reading books and even an outdoor blanket for when you’re enjoying reading time outdoors.

Be sure to pop to Tesco and Poundland and pick up new accessories for your Tree Bench.

Beautify Your Back Garden: Stone Path Edition

Wondering which stones or pebbles would work best? Well, we’re here to give you all the options.

Take a look at:

Limestone Gravel | Scottish Cobbles | Decorative Plum Slate | Cotswold Chippings | Large Steppingstone | Graphite Grey Slate | Japanese Steppingstone

You could have these leading to the makeshift kiddy pool in the summer, the playhouse or to your BBQ area. The choice is yours!

We’d suggest popping into Tesco and Poundland to see what options they may have, plus WHSmith for a little inspiration through books before finalising your choice.

Invest in a Water Feature!

Who doesn’t love a trickling fountain buried between blooming flowers in the garden? We do! Plus, a fountain is a great feature for those who have a smaller space to fill.

We’re sure there’ll be lots of options when you visit the centre, but we think it’d be a fabulous idea to stock up on outdoor (and indoor!) blooms from local florists or nurseries. They’ll add a colourful punch to your home, perfect for spring and summer.

We’d like to remind our customers that even though more stores have opened up at the centre, that you should still be wearing your mask and keeping a safe distance where possible. Remember, if you forget your facemask, most of our stores sell them so you’ll be able to pick one up before you begin your day of shopping!

Hanging Lights

Want to make your garden a whimsical place to unwind come the evenings or weekends? We think a roll (or two) of outdoor hanging lights will do the job!

You can simply drape the string lights down the walls or across the trees for a starry-night feel – sounds amazing right?!

If you like the idea but feel like hanging lights won’t work as well in your back garden, you could opt for garden path torches or lanterns for soft lighting.

Head to Poundland and Tesco when you’re next at the centre, and be sure to stop off at Greggs or Pound Bakery for a midday coffee (and optional warm pastry) to keep your shopping levels on high!

Create A Garden Fence Mural

The perfect weekend activity to enjoy with the kids, you could design a bright mural on your back garden fence to give it extra pizzazz. (Plus, it’s perfect for when you’re on a budget!).

Discuss as a family what kind of mural you want to create, which colour paints you’ll use and who will be creating which part. Grab paint, glitter, brushes (and more) from WHSmith and Poundland. Plus, if you want to pop some cosy clothes on while you’re #GettingYourCreativeOn, you can grab joggers, warm sweatshirts and shoes from Sports Direct and Shoezone when you’re next visiting the centre.

Portable Bar, Say Whaaaat?!

Oh yes, we went there! Who wouldn’t love a portable bar that they could help themselves to morning, noon and night? Remember, it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere! *wink wink*

Say goodbye to making tonnes of trips to the kitchen, because you’re about to transform your garden with a bar cart! You can load up your ‘bar’ with glasses, favourite drinks, small plates for nibbles and soft drinks to mix into your fave cocktails.

We’d recommend getting a cart with wheels, because if it starts to rain you can easily wheel it inside to keep birthdays, engagements or anniversaries on the move.

Been inspired to give your garden a complete makeover?! (To be honest, so have we!). If you’ve taken a few tips from this Style article and end up with a garden like Kew Gardens, be sure to send through your images so we can re-share onto Chesterfield Pavements social channels. Enjoy getting creative!


Being the Best You, You Can Be After Lockdown 3.0

Lockdown restrictions have broken many routines, changed up school schedules and even interfered with how you’ve been able to be the best you, you can be… Well, seeing as Lockdown measures are lessening, we want to inspire you on how to lead the happiest and healthiest life possible.

Whether you’ve slacked on the home workouts or haven’t been making the best choices when it comes to food (because takeaways seem to lessen the pain of being stuck indoors), we’re here to motivate you in making positive decisions for you and your family.

Get Your Cook On!

Make an evening of it! Whether it’s with your children or friends, why not create a fresh 3-course dinner? Your taste buds will be winning, and you’ll be feeling no guilt as you indulge into (moderately) healthy and homemade dishes.

Let’s give you an idea of what we mean…

– Tomato & Cucumber Salad dressed with a little olive oil and dried mint.
– Baked tortilla chips with homemade guacamole.
– Classic prawn cocktail with a homemade thousand island sauce and sliced iceberg lettuce.

– Ratatouille with a homemade red sauce. Be sure to top it with fresh basil, YUM!
– Lemon and herb chicken with a fresh mixed pepper salad.
– Lean turkey burger in lettuce wraps with sweet potato wedges.

– Sorbets to share.
– Fruity salad with a drizzle of single cream.
– (A little naughtier, but fun for the kids!) Cheat churros made with puff pastry! Remember, children especially are more likely to eat healthy foods if the presentation is appetising and if they have a hand in making some of the dishes, they’ll feel super proud that they created something so delicious.

Hungry yet? Hehe.

If we’ve tempted you into setting up an after-hours cooking club then get your skates on and head to the centre to pick up the essentials. We’re talking cookware and ingredients from Tesco, plus new tableware from Poundland. We’d like to remind our customers that now more of our shops have opened, you should still wear a facemask and keep a safe distance when visiting the centre.

Aiming for 10k A day!

We know, it sounds like a tall order but in hindsight, a trip mooching around the centre will probably use up 2-3k of your daily goal (including a few stop-offs at Pound Bakers or Peacocks Café for your fave coffee and sweet treat). Even if you’ve got your Fitbit or Apple watch on while you’re at home, it’ll count the steps you complete when taking the fresh washing upstairs, picking up dinner ingredients and just walking around while you do a little spring cleaning…

If 10k sounds a little steep, aim for 5-7k – we know you’ll smash it. We’d also recommend a morning or evening walk to enjoy with friends or family members. It’s a great way to get some cardio in while enjoying the company of your nearest and dearest.

If you’re in need of new walking/running gear, we’d recommend heading to Sports Direct for clothing and Shoezone for cosy shoes. You could even invest in a watch that’ll count your steps throughout the AM and PM. Be sure to pick up a snazzy new water bottle from WHSmith and Poundland when you’re next visiting the centre.

We’d like to remind our customers that now more of our shops have opened, you should still wear a facemask and keep a safe distance when visiting the centre.

Creating Fun Food for Kids

It’s easier for us adults to eat healthier, because we can make conscious decisions on what we’re putting into our body. But kids being kids, sweets and easily attainable processed foods are always a winner! Want to make a healthier change as we head into mid 2021? Well, we’ve got a few top tips on how to make healthy food a little more appealing…

1) Give them a choice! No one likes being told what to eat, so when possible give them an option between lettuce-wrapped fajitas or sausage and root vegetable mash for example.
2) Make fun faces with their food. Whether silly faces with fruit or smiley faces with cucumber finger sandwiches and baked crisps.
3) Don’t reference food as ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ in front of your children. Instead of focusing too much on why certain foods are “healthy” or “unhealthy,” just try to serve healthy food options with each meal and lead by example.
4) Don’t ban junk food! When you ban something outright it will only seem more attractive to a child, so if you’re out somewhere and they want a chocolate bar or bag of crisps, don’t make a big deal out of it. We’re all allowed a little treat from time to time.
5) Let them help with the cooking! Getting involved in meal prepping, chopping up veggies and dressing the plate are all ways to get them excited about eating fresh, homemade food.
Inspired to get the kids eating more greens and fruits? Be sure to grab whatever you may need from the centre today. Whether it’s cooking utensils from Poundland and Tesco, or inspiring recipe books from WHSmith.

We’d like to remind our customers that now more of our shops have opened, you should still wear a facemask and keep a safe distance when visiting the centre.

Family Activities for The Win!

Get out and about with the family on the weekends. We’re talking football matches with parents vs children, circuit training in the local park or even just taking the family doggo for a run-around.
Need any extra equipment to prep for your weekend full of fun? Be sure to grab the ‘essentials’ (like footballs, hula hoops, rackets and more) from Sports Direct, Tesco and Poundland.

We’re hoping that our ideas on keeping things fun and fresh will inspire you all to be more motivated for 2021 and beyond. We want all of our wonderful customers to live both happy and healthy lives – and with any tips you grab from this Style article, be sure to tag us in your social posts so we can re-share your snaps. We look forward to seeing you at the centre soon, remember to keep safe! #StillInThisTogether