Happy Times Ahead!

Yes!! We finally have a little light at the end of the Lockdown tunnel, and we’re now on a countdown for slight normality come April 12th, 2021. If you’re dreaming of summer BBQs with your best friends, music festivals, normal sized weddings (and more!) – you are not alone!

Although, we must remember to stay careful when we’re out and about, lockdown restrictions lifted or not. So, when you’re next visiting the centre, remember to wear your facemask over your mouth and nose and keep a safe distance from others where possible.

Here’s to the future…

Back to School (again!)

As of March 8th, many children were lacing up their school shoes and sharpening their pencils ready for their first day at school, for the umpteenth time since last year…We just want to applaud all the parents out there that have survived the last couple of months. We understand that home-schooling is super difficult and trying to spice-up day-to-day activities to keep your littluns’ from going stir crazy is even harder!


Need any extra school essentials? We’d recommend grabbing pens, pencils and more from WHSmith – not to mention cool school lunch boxes, notepads, and even clothes!

We’d like to remind our customers that not all our stores are open at the centre just yet. Please remember to wear a facemask and to keep a safe distance when visiting, to ensure the safety of you and others.

Outdoor Meetups

From the 29th of March (fingers crossed) the current ‘stay at home’ rule will come to an end and individuals will be allowed to meet outside for fresh air and spring strolls to enjoy with one other household or within the ‘rule of six’. Don’t forget, you will also be able to meet in private gardens – meaning it’ll be Pimm’s O’clock with little nibbles for the foreseeable.

FYI: It will be recommended to stay in your local area. Be sure to get ahead of the game and order a new picnic blanket from Poundland, grab pre-made drinks from Tesco and yummy snacks from Greggs and Pound Bakery for all to enjoy nearer the time.

Not to mention, you and friends could shoot some balls or get the tennis rackets dusted off because outdoor sport facilities will re-open! Need extra equipment or new sports gear for your debut back on the court? Shop Sports Direct online or visit the store once they re-open at the centre.

These are just a few of the things we can look forward to. Want to learn more? Click here for the full ‘coming out of lockdown’ breakdown.

We’d like to remind our customers that not all our stores are open at the centre just yet. Please remember to wear a facemask (unless you are exempt) and to keep a safe distance when visiting, to ensure the safety of you and others.

Let the Fun Times Roll…

As 12th April peeps its head around the corner, we’ll be able to wine and dine outdoors at our favourite restaurants and drink a tipple (or three) in pretty pub gardens. Sounds like a dream, wouldn’t you agree?As we see the re-opening of gyms and spas too, you can knock DIY spa days from the comfort of your home on the head and take a trip to a local hotel or resort where they can pamper yourself to your hearts content. #YAY

Don’t forget hairdressers will be re-opening their doors so we can get the fuzzy mops on our heads sorted before summer 21 begins! Make sure to head to beauty salons too, they’ll be able to book you in for that mani-pedi or eyebrow wax. We know Bodycare will be able to provide you with tonnes of products once the store re-opens fully.

But the most fun part that we’ll be looking forward to (especially those with children…) is… Theme parks, zoos and drive-in cinemas will be at our disposal. The excitement of your local park has probably worn off, so now there’s an abundance of options you can choose from come the weekends!

We’d like to remind our customers that not all our stores are open at the centre just yet. Please remember to wear a facemask (unless you are exempt) and to keep a safe distance when visiting, to ensure the safety of you and others.

Follow the ‘Restriction Lifted’ Road!

Performances and large events that are similar will be subject to limits, but those lucky few will be able to enjoy mini festivals. Dependant on venue capacity, some will allow up to 4000 people and some even up to 10,000. However, we know there’ll be those that don’t feel comfortable about getting back up on the horse just yet. So, if you want to enjoy events like these but with only close friends or family members, you can create your very own back garden Glastonbury. Music, pretend burrito vendors and homemade cocktails – there’s an option for everyone *wink wink*. Need inspirational bits to get the party started? Grab all sorts like glow sticks, banners, glitter paint and party props from Poundland and Boots at the centre.

Obviously, we won’t forget that hotels, international leisure and travel will begin to resume too. We’ll finally be able to spend our hard-earned money on weekends away and short trips to the countryside… And before we know it, we’ll be bumping in nightclubs, dancing together at large weddings and celebrating every life occasion to the fullest! Feel like you want to get ahead of the game when it comes to buying presents for those that are celebrating a special milestone? Be sure to visit Tesco and pick up a beautiful bouquet of blooms.

There’re tonnes to look forward to and we’re ecstatic that the future is looking brighter for us all. We look forward to seeing you at the centre soon, just remember to stay safe – lockdown or not!


All the fashion and hair trends from the BRITS

Ahh, the BRITS. We love the red carpet parade as much as the show itself. Well who wouldn’t? It’s the best way to spot the latest fashion and beauty trends. Agree? You’re in luck, because today, we’re whittling down the best ones, with a couple of suggestions on how to do it at home.

Here we go!

Go bright

If you can’t think of what to wear, then let your hair do the talking! Hot off the red carpet is a trend that’s all about colour. Bille Eilish and Anne-Marie rocked up on the Red-Carpet sporting bright hair hues, which can easily be channelled through a home hair dye. Be brave and go for a permanent colour, or take it slowly with a temporary dye.

Hello Sweetheart

The sweetheart neckline stood out at this year’s BRITS with the likes of Laura Whitmore, Mabel, Vick Hope and Maya Jama all rocking this trend. Fancy getting the look? There’s a whole host of frocks and tops emulating this look at the moment, meaning that you can do it easily. Just don’t forget that supportive strapless bra!

Suits you…

It wouldn’t be an awards event without a suit or two on that carpet, and this year’s BRIT stars didn’t disappoint. Harry Styles went all out with a 70s ensemble, while Michael Kiwanuka and Niall Horan gave a nod to the era with velvet. Others chose to wear this traditional look with trainers to dress it down, while Fleur East gave a feminine take on this.

Sporting sportswear

If we’d told you 10 years ago that trackies, trainers and hoodies would be appearing on an awards red carpet, you’d have thought we were crazy. But guess what? The BRITS proved us all wrong. Billie Eilish once again deserves a mention for her take on smart sporty, while Dave showed the world that full on athletic attire was cool, rocking a blue Nike tracksuit. We heart this trend, which is easily accessible to everyone!

Shopping insider at Chesterfield Pavements

Sports Direct:

Lee Cooper Rib Jog Suit Ladies – £14.99


Sports Direct:

Adidas Sereno Tracksuit Mens – £39.99



Mellor & Russell Simply Bright Hair Colour Silver- £1.00



Get the look: Peaky Blinders

Ahhh Peaky Blinders. We miss it already. But, let’s be honest. It’s been a series of fun, thrills and of course fashion. Yup, we all want to be dressed like Thomas, Alfie, Ada and Lizzie.

So, by order of the Peaky Blinders and well, us, here’s how to get the look.

(We) know what (we) know, you know

Peaky Blinder’s Boys

The Trademark Flat Cap

If you take any inspo from the Peaky Blinder’s dress code, it has to be the baker boy or woollen newsboy flat cap. However, we strongly suggest avoiding the concealed razor blade. To keep in line with the Peaky boys make sure you stick to dark greys, blacks or navy. Add a strong dose of confidence and you’re good to go.

Suits you sir!

Tweed, checks and textured grey, blue and brown suits are the order of the day for the Peaky crew, so take inspiration from these hues when buying a suit. Although, they may not ‘pay for suits’ we know we have to, so if you’re on a budget, check out local charity shops.

Add to this, the classic lace-up boots, a grandad or Oxford Shirt and of course the oversized, lapelled heavy coat and the look’s completed. Oh, and don’t forget the waistcoat… it’s a rule.

Peaky Blinder’s Girls

Flap into fashion

We couldn’t do a Peaky Blinder’s get the look without mentioning the 20s flapper style, after all who doesn’t love the sequined, sheer frocks from this era. Great for channeling the style and for an upcoming party – maybe the Christmas type? Yep we love to think ahead here!

Fake it

What better way to stay warm this winter with a faux lined coat like May or Ada’s. Not only are they bang on-trend, but also great for giving a nod to our fave series. #Justsaying.

Accessories, accessories

What can we say? Accessories are probably the best way to get this look without spending all your pennies… And it’s so easy to do, from pocket watches, chunky rings and ties for me, to feathers and pearls for women, it’s a great way to give a subtle hint of Peaky Blinder style.

And there you have it. As they say… style ‘intelligence is a very valuable thing, innit, my friend?’

Shopping insider at Chesterfield Pavements

Sports Direct

Windowpane Tweed Glove – £11.00



Warren James

Arabella Sterling Silver Cultured Freshwater Pearl Collection – £27.00


Beckett Mens Lace Up Black Boot – £19.99



Lilley Womens Black Faux Suede T Bar Court Shoe – £14.99




Will it or won’t it? Five winter fashion trends that work; snow or no snow

Everything’s super long and luxurious in Winter 2019: scarves that nearly reach your feet, full length winter coats and an ever-practical (did we really just say that about the fashion industry??) 3 to 5 layer look. So, can you make it work whether you’re on the slopes, sledging at home or staring at the sky wondering when the first flakes are going to fall? We say yes – so read on!

1. A long story

Scarves and coats are long, long, long this season. This is great news for the biting wind and potential snowy days ahead as there’s little or no flesh on show here. Being able to wrap up against the elements proves there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.

So, go with the flow and simply customise to cope with the weather: long trailing knitwear or wrapped up and cosy; both work equally well.

man and woman in a wood cabin

2. All puffed up

Puffa jackets are still very much with us in 2019 but they’re bigger and more bodacious than ever. Oversized puffas are hugely popular, which is great news if you fancy a duvet day but really have to go out. Wearing one of these is just like taking your bed with you!

There’s a futuristic look emerging too with large collars making a statement of their own and some gorgeous metallic colours to brighten up your winter’s day.

3. Technically, you can wear it anywhere

There’s no doubt about it, clothing is getting clever. With the amount of research and technology that goes into fabrics and design development these days, it’s no surprise that there are styles to suit all conditions. And, because the designers want clothing that’s easy to wear, there’s less and less difference between ‘technical clothing’ and high street styles.

This is all great news for the consumer as it means we don’t need to be heading for the mountains to buy ourselves a high spec ski jacket. In fact, a winter coat purchase is a smart investment especially now that we seem to be seeing more and more extreme weather conditions.

4. Play with layers

The layer look is officially ‘in’ with designers recommending somewhere between 3 and 5 layers. That’s a lot of clothing but, of course, you can mix and match fabrics to create just the right result for the weather. Whowhatwear has some great tips for keeping it trendy with some must-haves, such as a flexible black roll-neck for all occasions and the idea of using jewellery to further enhance your layered look.

Most importantly, stick to one colour palette from head to toe so that your layers hang together. Otherwise you might look like you’ve taken on a ‘wear-all-your-clothes-on-one-day challenge’.

fashionable woman against a blue background

5. Following nature’s example

The rise and rise of faux fur and animal print is a fantastic bonus during the colder seasons. Available in anything from t-shirts to floor-length coats, the patterns are amazing but the faux fur fabric itself is a winner on a cold day. This Vogue article features a wide range of different fabrics on offer this season – leather being another good winter warmer. Be warned though – some outfits are definitely more suited to a windy winter walk than others!

Shopping insider at Chesterfield Pavements

Softlites Womens Black Warm Lined Calf Boot


Softlites Womens Black Warm Lined Calf Boot – £19.99



Lilley Womens Brown Knee High Boots


Lilley Womens Brown Knee High Boots – £24.99




Sports Direct

SoulCal 2 Zip Bubble Jacket Mens – £32.00





Sports Direct

Eastern Mountain Sports Prima Parka Womens – £84.99






Can you cut the mustard?

You may be forgiven for thinking that it was the sight of Amal Clooney in THAT mustard dress at the Royal Wedding that has catapulted this season’s hottest colour trend onto a high street near you, however thanks to designers showcasing this controversial shade on the SS18 catwalk, and the likes of Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski rocking it to award ceremonies, it has taken the world of fashion by storm this season, knocking millennial pink off its pedestal and leaving us to wonder just how is the best possible way to wear this sunny shade of gold?

Our advice? Tread carefully. The Marmite of the fashion world, mustard is a shade you either love or hate. Dressing head to toe in mustard coloured clothes may seem scary at first and for some fairer ladies it can be harder to pull off, but if you are of a darker complexion, then every shade of mustard, ochre, saffron and yellow will suit you.

If you’re of a certain age the thought of it may throw you back to corduroy jeans and striped knits of the Seventies, but the good news is that mustard is one of those trends that isn’t too difficult to weave into your wardrobe. Start with baby steps, find the confidence to wear it, and once you do, you’ll probably wonder why it took you so long to finally take the plunge. If you’re really dubious then remember, accessories are your entry level into every trend.


Fancy some mustard coloured arm candy? Take your pick. Every hot international designer and designer label has saffron versions, from bucket bags and bumbags, to totes, mini circular bags and more, and the glorious high street has followed. Shoes? From cowboy boots to slides, ankle-tie sandals and satin courts, any mustard shoe is super chic when worn with all black.

For just a flash of burnt sienna, a silk chemise, polo neck or cotton crew neck tee worn under a buttoned-up shirt and tucked into denim, feels very preppy. You could apply the same layering trick to any floral summer-dress combo or separate your co-ords for mix and match summer styling.


If you are willing and have the complexion to move beyond just dipping in with accessories and go the full monty with head-to-toe mustard, then not only are you making a fierce style statement, you will be applauded as well as the envy of everyone around you.

The it-hue of the season, mustard yellow, is no mean feat. Whether you carry off a figure hugging dress, statement heels and a hat inspired by Mrs Clooney, a floaty maxi dress or a jumpsuit, it is sexy, it is sassy, and it is not for the faint-hearted.     SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


Beauty insider at Chesterfield Pavements

mustard ruffle dress


Mustard ruffle dress – £13.00



mustard top


Mustard top – £8.00





Summer wardrobe revamps

This summer there are a lot of looks to add to your wardrobe to stay on trend. But the great news is, you can stick with the trends that suit you best and still look fabulous, as there are so many to choose from. The SS18 catwalks were oozing old-school charm, with inspiration taken from Jackie Kennedy, as well as 1980s style. Donatella Versace looked into the Versace archives, drawing inspiration from her brother Gianni Versace’s collections on the 20th anniversary of his death. Nostalgia and making a statement are the themes for the new season. Bright, bold colours, contrast with pretty pastels, as well as floral patterns, and sequin and embroidery details are in vogue for summer. And if you can pull it off, mustard and different hues of yellow will also make an appearance on the streets and in the stores.

It’s all in the detail

This season it’s all about the finer details of your look. Whether you’re into sparkling sequins or a simple embroidery embellishment, find the style that works for you. A simple accessory or great pair of shoes is also the perfect way to add some animal print to your wardrobe if you’re not brave enough to do head-to-toe prints.

Time to dress up

In summer, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful dress. It is possibly the simplest item in a woman’s wardrobe. Just slip on a dress and you’re good to go. There’s no need to fret over putting an outfit together, struggling to find different pieces that complement each other.

And to make sure you stay on trend, look for pretty florals and different shades of yellow, particularly mustard, to make sure you are hitting the right sartorial note this season. This season you can also play with pastels and bright colours, with both making an appearance on the catwalks for the SS18 shows.

The perfect pair of trainers

If you don’t already have a great pair of trainers, this is the season to find the perfect pair to go with all your casual looks, as well as to pair with dresses and smarter outfits too. Look for a versatile style that can be dressed up or down.

Beauty insider at Chesterfield Pavements

Shoe Zone

Stylish, fashion forward and comfy, Sketchers Grey Lace -up Memory Foam Trainers will see you through Summer. Find them in Shoe Zone for £49.99!



Warren James

Fancy making a fashion statement this season? Warren James’s Florentina Sterling Silver Twist Creoles will make any outfit a winner!




Sports Direct

Be comfy and fashion forward with Sergio Tacchini GT Ladies trainers from Sports Direct!





Voyage vogue for 2018

Every New Year brings a lot to look forward to and 2018 could see you attending a Royal Wedding in London in May, and jetting off to St Petersburg for the FIFA World Cup in June. To make sure you don’t miss out on the top places to visit this year, we highlight the major destinations to visit in 2018, and what you should pack for your trip.


Your first trip in 2018 should be to Venice to experience their annual carnival. Masks, music and magic is what you can expect from this historic event. Thomas Cook has a range of holiday packages to this magical city.

If you’re going during the carnival and plan to partake in the festivities, top of your packing list should be a killer dress and shoes, as well as the obligatory mask to finish off the outfit. Don’t worry if you can’t find a mask before you leave, Venice has shops and stalls that sell masks in their hundreds.

Images: Quiz, Dorothy Perkins, New Look

Silver grey sequin Bardot fishtail dress £34.99 at Quiz
Showcase petite Lila maxi dress £70.00 at Dorothy Perkins
AX Paris pink crochet detail maxi dress £40.00 at New Look


May 2018 will see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle marry in St Georges Chapel at Windsor Castle on the 19th. For those around London, this will be a day trip, but for anyone travelling to London for the big event you will need to book your accommodation soon. Previous Royal Weddings have seen people flock to London from around the globe to try and catch a glimpse of the bride and groom on their big day.

While you’re not likely to get an invitation to the wedding, there’s no reason you can’t dress up and have a party of your own. For the ladies this means decadent dresses and stylish hats.

Images: Bonmarché, Jane Norman,Peacocks, New Look, Quiz

Lace double layer pleated dress £20.00 at Bonmarché
Jane Norman floral multiway maxi dress £49.00 at Peacocks
Dark green lace sleeve wrap dress £11.99 at New Look
Nude and silver glitter bodycon dress £34.99 at Quiz

Images: Dorothy Perkins, New Look, Peacocks, Quiz

Nude bow fascinator £11.40 at Dorothy Perkins
Silver crystal embellished leaf headband £10.49 at New Look
Pink diamante occasion alice band £5.00 at Peacocks
Cream bow curl fascinator £4.99 at Quiz


From June to July national soccer teams from around the world will participate in the FIFA World Cup in Russia, with a lot of the action taking place in St Petersburg. While soccer fans will love to watch the games live, there are a host of other sites to visit including landmarks and museums. While it will be summer, the weather can still be mild in St Petersburg at that time of year, so make sure to pack a jacket that you can throw on with any outfit.

Images: JDSports, Sports Direct

Reebok classic windbreaker jacket £55.00 at JD Sports
Karrimor urban weatherlite jacket £35.00 at Sports Direct


The Tour de France takes place in July, ending in Paris. This isn’t only a trip for cycling enthusiasts, and Thomas Cook can help plan your trip, with deals on travel and accommodation.

The most important things to pack for your trip to Paris, and to enjoy the end of the Tour de France, are sun tan lotion, a hat and good walking shoes. You will spend a lot of time wandering through the streets of Paris taking in all the sights, so make sure your feet are comfortable and you protect yourself from the sun.

Images: Superdrug, Boots

PIZ BUIN One Day Long – long lasting sun lotion SPF30 (200ml) £12.50 at Boots
Nivea Sun protect & moisture sun lotion SPF 30 (200ml) £10.49 at Superdrug

Images: JDSports, Sports Direct, New Look

Superdry Solo cap £15.00 at JD Sports
Lonsdale TT Cap Inf83 £4.99 at Sports Direct
Black Fedora hat £5.99 at New Look

Images: Clarks, Deichmann, Shoe Zone, New Look

Nature V. light grey nubuck £90.00 at Clarks
Reebok royal glide ladies’ trainers £44.99 at Deichmann
Lilley women’s jersey lightweight trainer in black £14.99 at Shoe Zone
Stone knit texture running trainers £13.99 at New Look


In August head to Berlin for your next sports fix, with the European Athletics Championship taking place from 7 to 12 August. This is a great trip for athletics enthusiasts, and while you’re there, add a few extra days to your trip and see the sights. Berlin is considered a cosmopolitan hub, featuring a mix of museums, shops and some great nightlife too.

For your days watching sport, a hat and sun tan lotion are musts, but when it comes to your nights on the town, you can have fun with your wardrobe. Pack a cute pair of shoes to dance in, and a party outfit you can throw on without too much fuss. After all, you’re there to enjoy yourself.

Images: New Look, Peacocks, Primark, Quiz

Blue sequin embellished swing dress £29.99 at New Look
Rose gold sequin dress £16.00 at Peacocks
Gold plisse playsuit £13.00 at Primark
Silver sequin diamante dress £36.99 at Quiz

Images: Deichmann, Clarks, New Look, Peacocks

Glitter sandal heel £24.99 at Deichmann
Mayra Ellie heel £29.00 at Clarks
Suedette cross strap block heels (available in multiple colours) £25.99 at New Look
Jane Norman black ankle strap heels £28.00 at Peacocks


Cosy & chic coats to covet

When winter rolls around, nothing beats cuddling and snuggling into a warm coat to keep out the cold. But as much as a coat needs to keep you warm, it is also the focal point of your wardrobe, as it is the last piece you’ll put on and the first piece you’ll take off. As such, while your coat should be practical allowing you to do everything you need to, it should also be a fashion statement, saying something about your style. While the saying goes ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, the truth is that people do.

To make sure you are not only warm and cosy this winter, but fashionable too, consider these major trends of the season when choosing the right coat for you. Look out for heritage checks, vibrant reds and faux fur accents. 


Whatever form your check takes, be it houndstooth or windowpane, Prince of Wales or tartan, this season heritage checks are everywhere, and a statement coat in a heritage check is the perfect way to incorporate this trend with elegance. For a classic chic style that won’t date, we promise that this is one style that will continue to be a wardrobe staple for winters to come.

If some combinations of check and multiple colours in the design may be too bold for you, there are plenty of muted checks in the shops, perfect for bringing your outfit on trend, but not being too overbearing for your style.

Checked Funnel Neck £50.00 Bonmarché
Black and Red Check Blazer £34.99 New Look
Check Double Breasted Coat £69.00 Dorothy Perkins
Lee Cooper Check Wool Coat £14.99 Sports Direct


Nothing draws the eye like a bright, stand-out colour, and this season that colour is red. Whether you incorporate this bright and bold hue in your accessories or are more daring, why not take this trend head-on with a statement coat in pillar box red, scarlet, crimson or burgundy?

Have fun and experiment with your red coat and team it with jeans and knitwear on the weekends, throw over your everyday workwear to brighten up your day and add a splash of colour to your little black dress on a night out. Match your coat with a luscious red lipstick and you’ll have a winning combination.

Red Single-Breasted Coat £45.00 Bonmarché
Red Double-Breasted Coat £65.00 Dorothy Perkins
Red Hooded Longline Puffer Jacket £58.00 New Look
Wine Dolly Coat £55.00 Evans


A faux fur coat will always make a statement and is on trend again this season. Whether you opt for a bold print such as leopard spots or zebra stripes, a shag pile in pink or cream, or a classic grey, brown or black faux fur coat or jacket, be prepared to be stroked by all those you meet.

Grey Faux Fur Jacket £60.00 Bonmarché
Pink Short Faux Fur Coat £44.99 New Look
Petite Leopard Faux Fur Coat £69.00 Dorothy Perkins
Textured Faux Fur Coat £44.99 Select

However, if you’re too timid to take on this fashion trend, there are other ways to incorporate faux fur in a way that isn’t overpowering. Look out for details such as a faux fur collar or cuffs and you can style out this trend without being too overbearing.

Jacquard Coatigan with Faux Fur Collar £50.00 Bonmarché
Khaki Faux Fur Hooded Parka Coat £45.00 Peacocks
Pale Grey Faux Fur Trim Belted Midi Coat £54.99 New Look
Firetrap Blackseal Polly Parka £84.99 Sports Direct


Style up a scare this Halloween

October is the month of fear, fun, fantastic costumes and junk food, and with Halloween on 31 October looming, one of the biggest challenges can be to find the perfect outfit for your Halloween party, and indeed for the whole family. Choosing an outfit doesn’t have to be a nightmare, and you can find a good selection of costume ideas at a number of major fashion retailers, supermarkets, department stores and budget shops with prices to suit every pocket.


Whilst having an idea about what you want to dress up in is a helpful starting point, don’t let this limit you from trying other costumes or characters. And it’s not just the kids who can dress up; there are numerous costume options available for the adults too.

Here are some steps you can follow to help make choosing your costume easier:

  1. Are you going in a group? If the answer is yes, pick a theme that everyone can stick to when choosing their costume. Some theme ideas may not be around Fright Night, you may ant to opt for superheroes or comic book characters, your favourite movie character, or anything else that tickles your fancy.
  2. How far are you planning to go? When it comes to dressing up, you get those who will put on a hat and glasses and call it quits, and those who go the extra mile and rent costumes with added props for authenticity. Before taking the plunge and buying or renting a costume, decide how involved you want your costume to be. Sometimes the simpler the costume, the better.
  3. Do your research. By researching your costume idea, you may find that you already have some accessories at home that could work well with your costume, allowing you to spend more on the props and items you still need to purchase.


With so many costumes on offer, there really is no limit as to what your kids can dress up as this Halloween. Whether your little one is a baby, a toddler a tween or a teen, the shops are full of fun and frightening gear that will make this Halloween one to remember. From witches and wizards to ghosts and ghouls that will bring the fear factor, and princesses and pirates for something a little less scary, kit them out from head to toe, invest in some face paint and don’t forget to arm them with a festive bucket for all their treats.

Halloween Frankenstein Suit, Silver Witch Costume and Mummy Costume from £6.99 at Home Bargains.

Glow in the Dark Skeleton All-in-One with Mask, Skeleton Dress with Mask, and Skeleton Tuxedo with hat and Mask, all from £12 at Sainsburys

Halloween Cauldron, Printed Loot Bucket and Witches’ Broom all £1 at Poundland

The right accessories can make or break any Halloween outfit. Claire’s has a range of Halloween accessories in stock that can take any outfit from drab to fab. Whether it’s a wig to finish off a look, or you’re looking for masks, make up and jewellery, the perfect accents to your outfit will make people notice you this Halloween.

Glow In The Dark Cat Costume Kit £10, Turquoise Tinsel Mermaid Wig £25 and Gore Galore Zombie Cosmetic Set £8 all at Claire’s


Why not make this Halloween a family affair? With costumes and accessories for the adults too, there is no excuse for the dressing up to be left to the children.

Ladies Goddess Costume, Men’s Darth Vader Costume and Wonder Woman Costume from £22.99 at Argos

When it comes to Halloween make-up, there’s no need to go out of your way to purchase a bundle of products you won’t use again. Use your basics, and only buy the few special products you will need, like coloured eye shadows and flash lashes that you may not ordinarily wear.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Bright Eyeshadow Palette Chaos £4, NYX Professional Make Up Ultimate Shadow Palette in Brights £16, Superdrug LASH False Lashes Double Volume Edition #40 £3.43, Paperself Paper False Eyelashes – Deer and Butterfly £12.50 and True Volume Lashes by KISS – Spicy £5.99 at Boots & Superdrug


Halloween isn’t just about the costumes. There’s décor and snacks and treats to consider too. From pumpkin lanterns to plastic spiders and cobwebs, creating the right atmosphere is everything. And don’t forget the treats, after all, that is what most of the kids will be after (and a few adults too).

At the end of the day, a little bit of planning, and knowing where to shop for bargains on décor and sweet treats can save you time and remove the stress when it comes to getting ready for Halloween.

Casper Marshmallows and Casper Candy Sticks £1 each at Poundland, Chocolate Pumpkins and Gummy Spiders £1 each at Poundworld

Black Pirate Party Paper Cups £1.29 at Card Factory, Giant Spider and Grim Reaper Hanging Ghoul £1 each at Poundland and Hanging Decorations £1 at Poundworld


Your new 9-5 dress code

Waking up and dressing for work every single day can be overwhelming. To manage any morning mayhem you’ll need to acquire the basic pieces every working woman should have hanging in her closet—blazers, shirts, flats, heels, tailored trousers and a skirt. Just add a few key season trends such as monochrome, Prince of Wales check and berry hues, and you can go back to work this autumn in style.


Make an effortless transition with easy tailoring and effortlessly elegant 2-pieces and dresses that work from morning meetings to evening dos. From classic shades of grey and black to tweeds and Prince of Wales checks, look out for chic A-line minis, pencil skirts, midi skirts, manlike trousers, fitted jackets and ladylike dresses that will take you into autumn and beyond.


Flute sleeves, wrap styles are everywhere this season. Think of deep reds and purples, checks and stripes and you’ll be bang on trend. And don’t forget the LBD. A wardrobe staple, a chic little black dress will always be a 9 to 5 hero. Whether you are channelling Chanel, inspired by Hepburn or just a fan of the deepest shade there is, this is the one item that can be dressed up and down effortlessly.

  • Grey And Ivory Check Shift Dress £30.00 Dorothy Perkins
  • Berry Double Ruffle Shift Dress £24.00 Dorothy Perkins
  • Black Spot Print Asymmetric Wrap Front Dress £24.99 New Look
  • Rose Print Tunic Dress £20.00 Peacocks


Nothing screams girl boss like a crisp blazer and right now the blazer is having a massive moment. This time round, you can embrace colour and print. Look out for styles in statement red, Prince of Wales check and bold stripes that will take you from desk-to-dinner in no time at all.

  • Grey Check Contrast Cuff Blazer £29.99 New Look
  • Red Blazer £17.00 Primark
  • Red Double Breasted Blazer £34.99 H&M


In addition to the perfect white button-down shirt, shirting has also been reimagined for AW17, with asymmetric cuts, reworked silhouettes, and statement sleeves breathing new life into the work wear classic. For extra impact, look fro detailing in the form of peplum hems, pussy bow necklines and metal hardware. From frill front blouses in ditsy prints to shirts in bold block colours, stripe blouses with fluted sleeves, and wrap tops, if your shirt or blouse is full of detail then it’s a winner.

  • Black Star Print Wrap Top £36 Wallis
  • White tie-detail shirt £18 Peacocks
  • White Grandad Collar Peplum Hem Blouse £24 New Look

  • Yellow blouse £10 Primark
  • Pale Grey Crochet Trim Shirt £19.99 New Look
  • Black Floral Tie Neck Blouse £16 Peacocks


Trousers or skirts, whatever you choose you’ll be on trend as long as go for bold styles, bold prints and bold colour. Menswear-inspired trousers always look polished, especially in checks. Wide-legged and fluid cuts are the mood du jour and totally work wear appropriate.

A-line skirts of all lengths are holding it down in the skirt department, where zips and texture have been employed for a hit of newness. Skirts have been given a new season refresh with the new mini, maxi and midi hem lengths, while a pencil skirt will create a sexy silhouette. Go barelegged for now, while it’s still warm enough, and sport sock boots when it’s chilly out. On top, everything and anything goes from bodysuits to crisp white shirts and fluted sleeve tops. For extra points try for a co-ord two-pieces and the berrier the better.


  • Flannel Wide Leg Trousers £15.00 Primark
  • Burgundy Calf Length Skirt £29.99 H&M
  • Red Faux Leather Mini Skirt £22.00 Dorothy Perkins
  • Grey Checked Slim Leg Ankle Grazer Trousers £20.00 Dorothy Perkins


Every working wardrobe needs a classic pair of black suede or patent heels, commuter flats and essential knee-high boots. These are all working girl essentials. This season reboot your foot locker with kitten heels or block heels on courts if you don’t like skyscraper stillettos, look for flat brogues, ballet pumps and loafers with tassel detailing and opt for luxurious boots in luscious berry colour leathers.

  • Floral Stud Ballerina Pump £8.00 Primark
  • Burgundy Ballerina Pump £14.99 Deichmann
  • Navy Tassel Slip On Loafer £31.99 Deichmann
  • Hamble Oak Brogue £60.00 Clarks
  • Leopard Print Velvet Metal Heel Pointed Pump £15.99 New Look

  • Black Patent High Heel Court Shoe £24.99 Shoe Zone
  • Orabella Fern Block Heel £59.00 Clarks
  • Black Suedette Kitten Heel Chelsea Boot £27.99 New Look