If your Christmas table could talk

The one time of the year you’ll want to spruce up your dining table is Christmas Day. Luckily the shops have been full of table ornaments, Christmas Crackers, tablecloths and decorations for weeks now. From traditional themes in hues of red, gold and green to the icy whites and sparkling silvers that can create a winter wonderland in your home. For some innovative ways to dress up your Christmas table read on, and let your table do the talking.



It is the little touches made to your table presentation that’ll get you into the Christmas spirit. Starting with the basics, tablecloths are a must but don’t have to be the norm, a great alternative is to use three table runners across widthways to give a festive look with a difference, else you may want to opt for novelty PVC tablecloths. They are the perfect answer to Christmas Day spills and thrills and purse friendly as well.



Whether you’re serving up Christmas dinner on the plate, or you’re bringing all the food to the table, either way you will need to think about how your table space is organised. Drinks, condiments, Christmas Crackers and decorations will all be jostling for space alongside platters and dishes of food, so give a little bit of thought to how the space available is organised.

Think about dressing the centre of the table lengthways, and whether you’ll be decorating with natural branches of Nordic spruce, and mistletoe, with candles and Christmas plants such as Poinsettias or Cyclamen, or tinsel and crystals. For a truly modern approach, why not light up your table in Marquee letters? These low voltage lights are the perfect centrepiece as they run on batteries, making it easier to stand down the middle of the table.

Image: Home Bargains Image: Home Bargains


The Christmas meal is probably the most important meal of the year, and bespoke place settings are really important to make guests feel extra special, it’s the little individual touches they’ll remember most of all. Why not make personalised place settings, use novelty glasses and festive straws and napkins that make a statement? Whether you go for a modern style full-on Christmas party or for an opulent and traditional look, it is the detail that will be remembered.

Images: Poundworld Images: Poundworld


If you really want to push the gravy boat out, then ditch your usual crockery and add a little sparkle by transforming your table with practical ovenware and stunning tableware. Look for elegant white porcelain with speckles of silver and gold to give a sophisticated and fabulously festive look. The wonderful thing about white porcelain with metallic sparkles is that it can be combined with almost any colour scheme – looking great alongside white, silver, or even red for a pop of Christmassy colour. If you don’t already have something like this then you can buy some gorgeous and great value 12 piece sets in the stores now.

Images: Wilko Images: Wilko


Now armed with a few simple rules you’ll be able to surprise and impress all your guests. In the words of Elsie De Wolfe actress and interior decorator, when asked about what makes a good hostess, she replied “Be pretty if you can. Be Witty if you must. But be gracious if it kills you”!

If your table could talk, would it say the same?


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